It’s Just A Bit Uncommon

Just as I had said yesterday, I headed over to Quezon City to celebrate my birthday in advance with my family. I made a detour to Trinoma though, to buy a group pack from Yellow Cab, before it was off to my sister’s place for lunch. My aunt was there as well, and let’s just say that it was a hearty meal for all those involved.

I stayed there until around two-thirty, then I excused myself and headed back home. I made a slight detour at Ayala however, as I picked up a bracelet from Silverworks that I’ve always wanted to get for a while.  After that I bought two bottles of red wine (the ones that had a slightly sweet flavor and had a higher alcohol content), as well as spaghetti, tomato sauce, tomato paste, ground pork, and packs of ground black pepper and five spices.

With all of those in hand, I finally headed home. I set all of these aside, took in the mostly-dried laundry from the clothesline, and then changed and settled in for the evening. 

As for tomorrow, I guess I’d go out to buy myself a small cake, as well as prepare the ingredients I’d use for the spaghetti, so once I got home on Tuesday morning, all I’d have to do is just cook it for myself.


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