Addled, And So Soon

So instead of being rested at the start of the week, I’ve found myself sleepless as an ill-advised adventure in trying to root my phone ended up killing it… So I spent most of the morning running over to Greenhills to have it checked, and maybe fixed. After what seemed to be forever getting passed around, I found someone who could maybe fix it.

It took about an hour, but my phone was eventually restored… At the cost of wiping its data. This meant that I was back to square one as far as apps were concerned, but at least the phone was working again. Yay.

Once I got home I got to work trying to set it up so that any app install went directly to the SD card rather than the default phone memory. I eventually got most of my apps back, though I have no idea why Google no longer works. Hmm.

But oh, I’m tired. This means that I wasn’t able to use the afternoon to readjust my sleep schedule for the week. Ugh. I guess it’s coffee and more coffee. And I hope to God that no one bothers me about treating them, just because tomorrow happened to be my birthday.


One thought on “Addled, And So Soon

  1. I’m curious:
    – why did you want to root your phone? (although I myself was tempted to do so due to disk space issues)
    – what brand / model are you using?

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