My Birthday: Not Raining, Pretty Filling

So I managed to dodge the “libre” button at class last night by bringing in a few packs (six, all told) large-sized packs of pop corn. It kept my classmates off my back, and for the most part meant that the session itself didn’t call attention to the fact that, yes, it was my birthday.

As far as going home was concerned, I immediately separated from the rest of the class the moment our shift ended, and headed straight home… Where I went out and prepared a spread of spaghetti and a big bowl of spaghetti sauce while I did. Then I laid out the cake, and opened up the bottle of sweet wine I bought the other day… Yeah, it was pretty nice. Then the rest of my family arrived during the afternoon, with even more cake. 

They did appreciate the pasta though, but there’s still quite a bit of that left, all told.


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