That Final Period Of Grace

It’s the last night of training tonight, and aside from a few final modules, we’re to expect both exams and mock calls for this particular shift. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Didn’t feel like eating lunch during last night’s shift, so I settled for sleeping in at the classroom again. Having serious trouble keeping awake during the latter half of the class during the last two nights for some reason. It even came to the point that I dozed off in the middle of our team lead’s discussion about the various offences one could get in trouble for, which was held at the end of the shift. Embarrassing.

It rained apparently close to midnight, and hard. We didn’t have to worry much though, as come daybreak it wasn’t an issue anymore.

Hit the gym again after shift. There was an aerobics class being held for most of it, and I was tempted to join, but I stuck to the routine I was given. It was a bit of a wash though, as I had to eat once I got out of the gym, since I wasn’t able to do so during the shift’s final break.

Finally, once I got home, I definitely gave a piece of my mind to the credit card company, for having the nerve to make me jump through hoops for something that, by all rights they should have taken care of last year. Two escalations later, I was promised both the cancellation of my VISA card (which I might had hadn’t used for more than two years at this point), and a return of the money I was forced to pay to facilitate the cancellation… Which I shouldn’t have had to pay in the first place, had its employees done their jobs last year.

The wheels of bureaucracy have started to turn, but I’ll have to see if there’s the money’s going to return to my bank account in two weeks. Sheesh.


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