The End Of The Beginning

Last night was more or less the final part of our training period. While we still had a brief discussion, it was soon followed by three different exams — an online exam, a written one, as well as mock call. I did okay in all three, but my propensity to overthink made me take too long on the mock call. Hmm.

I was probably the only person not surprised at the schedule we were given for our coach camp though, though I’m also not surprised why some of my teammates, particularly those who lived far from the city center, would be dismayed. Three in the morning, to eleven in the morning, and the fact that it meant that our “Monday” shift actually happened on Tuesday morning?  One would be hard-pressed to get safe transportation at the start, and it’s close to rush hour by the end of it. 

It’s no wonder that some of them decided then and there to take advantage of the company’s rather generous sleeping accommodations. There’s a reason why it’s nicknamed “Ho-Telus”, ahaha.

I didn’t go straight home, and instead had breakfast with some of my classmates. It was at a local pares place close to the office, which was already open even at around seven in the morning. While it was definitely filling, let’s just say that having to eat sea food with the usual pares soup is unusual.

Once I got home though? Sleep? Lots and lots of sleep.


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