Adjustment, Rinse, Repeat

It's a Monday once again, which means that I'm going to have to force myself to readjust my sleep schedule, just to make sure that I won't fall asleep once I get to work later. And as usual, it's not exactly working as good as I'd liked, and I've already woken up at four in … Continue reading Adjustment, Rinse, Repeat

Catatonic Weekend

I pretty much slept through Saturday. It sounds old-hat at this point, but I was pretty much mentally exhausted by the time I got home. I didn't even have patience for my nephew's shenanigans; I just wanted to be done with things and go to bed. Which means that I slept through the afternoon and … Continue reading Catatonic Weekend

Yes, Let’s Just Sleep That Away For The Moment

It was yet another exhausting day at the office. It wasn't really physically tiring, but I still wanted to go and sleep almost immediately once I got home. And while I didn't quite doze off at once unlike the other day, I was still asleep by mid-afternoon. In fact, my sleep was only interrupted when … Continue reading Yes, Let’s Just Sleep That Away For The Moment

A Bit Surprised, Myself

Since we didn't have an pre-endshift coaching period, many in the team today experienced calls that extended them far beyond the scheduled exit times. Sad to say, I was one of these unfortunates, with my last call balooning into an hour and a half plus monster that even one of my mentors was hard-pressed to resolve, … Continue reading A Bit Surprised, Myself

Hoping That It’s Enough, This Time

It's a start of a new work week, but I'm not so confident this time that I'm going to be able to start it right. After all, I went to sleep a bit later in the afternoon than I'd have liked. As a result, I'm wondering if I should try to squeeze in more sleep, … Continue reading Hoping That It’s Enough, This Time

Chipping Away At That Weekend Blues

It's been pretty chill for a weekend, all things considered. My father dropped by for some reason, but without my sister's kid this time around, probably due to how he'd be too much of a handful to watch over if it rained on the way. Which it did, while I was on the way back … Continue reading Chipping Away At That Weekend Blues

Easy Come, Easy Go

It's payday today, and while it was something that gave relief to many of my co-workers, in my case I couldn't feel relieved at all. This was because I knew already beforehand that I wasn't going to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labors (ha!), as fully 80% of it will go into … Continue reading Easy Come, Easy Go