Adjustment, Rinse, Repeat

It's a Monday once again, which means that I'm going to have to force myself to readjust my sleep schedule, just to make sure that I won't fall asleep once I get to work later. And as usual, it's not exactly working as good as I'd liked, and I've already woken up at four in … Continue reading Adjustment, Rinse, Repeat

Catatonic Weekend

I pretty much slept through Saturday. It sounds old-hat at this point, but I was pretty much mentally exhausted by the time I got home. I didn't even have patience for my nephew's shenanigans; I just wanted to be done with things and go to bed. Which means that I slept through the afternoon and … Continue reading Catatonic Weekend

Yes, Let’s Just Sleep That Away For The Moment

It was yet another exhausting day at the office. It wasn't really physically tiring, but I still wanted to go and sleep almost immediately once I got home. And while I didn't quite doze off at once unlike the other day, I was still asleep by mid-afternoon. In fact, my sleep was only interrupted when … Continue reading Yes, Let’s Just Sleep That Away For The Moment

A Bit Surprised, Myself

Since we didn't have an pre-endshift coaching period, many in the team today experienced calls that extended them far beyond the scheduled exit times. Sad to say, I was one of these unfortunates, with my last call balooning into an hour and a half plus monster that even one of my mentors was hard-pressed to resolve, … Continue reading A Bit Surprised, Myself

Hoping That It’s Enough, This Time

It's a start of a new work week, but I'm not so confident this time that I'm going to be able to start it right. After all, I went to sleep a bit later in the afternoon than I'd have liked. As a result, I'm wondering if I should try to squeeze in more sleep, … Continue reading Hoping That It’s Enough, This Time

Chipping Away At That Weekend Blues

It's been pretty chill for a weekend, all things considered. My father dropped by for some reason, but without my sister's kid this time around, probably due to how he'd be too much of a handful to watch over if it rained on the way. Which it did, while I was on the way back … Continue reading Chipping Away At That Weekend Blues

Easy Come, Easy Go

It's payday today, and while it was something that gave relief to many of my co-workers, in my case I couldn't feel relieved at all. This was because I knew already beforehand that I wasn't going to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labors (ha!), as fully 80% of it will go into … Continue reading Easy Come, Easy Go

It’s Close Enough, I Guess

While it's still technically our Thursday shift, since we start during Friday morning we've been told by one of the older hands in the team to expect our pay to drop during the day. This is apparently because of how the payday just so happened to be a Sunday this time around. I'm a bit … Continue reading It’s Close Enough, I Guess

Just Because It’s Sunny Now, Doesn’t Mean Things Will Turn Out Okay

In a break from the previous days' weather, it was actually sunny today.  Since I could more or less move around normally by this point, I figured that it was as good a time as any to do the laundry. And for a few hours, it really seemed that way... Then the water, for some … Continue reading Just Because It’s Sunny Now, Doesn’t Mean Things Will Turn Out Okay

It’s Not The Rain That Got Me Down

I woke up today to my left leg acting up, and rather painfully too. The swelling there had gotten better, true, but my range of mobility hadn't improved just yet. During the morning, the best that I could do was to drag my left foot around behind me... which made going up stairs a trial, … Continue reading It’s Not The Rain That Got Me Down