Glad I Was Home Before It Came Down, Hard

It’s raining hard right now, though it’s been raining since early this morning. This pretty much means that all that laundry won’t get dry anytime soon, but at least I was able to put everything in the shade of the house in expectation of this.

My usual schedule’s out of whack though, since I was only able to do my laundry just (very early in the morning) today. I don’t really blame the team building trip, but I pretty much had to spend the whole day sleeping just to recover from it. Quite an experience. Pity that the weather made it so that the sea was pretty much unswimmable, but hey, at least I got a whole lot of karaoke in.

While it makes great sleeping weather, I’m still hoping that, by the time I wake up later today, that the rain will have weakened enough that it won’t be too much of a hassle to commute.


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