Cool, Yet Still Sunny

It was showering by the time we were let off work, but it was slight enough that most people didn’t mind, and the cloud cover was just enough that it wasn’t really that dark at all.  

I didn’t go straight home though, as I had to swing by the local mall to have my keys copied at my mom’s request. My uncle, you see, had been staying over for the past few days (since as a seaman, he had regular retraining), and this time around usually came home whenever I was already fast asleep. So when nanay learned that it was being bothersome to both of us (as he had to call me on the house phone just to wake me up), she told me to make some copies of my keys for my uncle to use.

Incidentally all this effort was sort of rendered moot, as when I got home my sister arrived with both my father and the baby. That meant there were other people who’d open up the house for my uncle during the evening.

Hmm, it’s started raining.  Hopefully it doesn’t get to strong before I have to leave for work in a few hours.


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