It’s Not The Rain That Got Me Down

I woke up today to my left leg acting up, and rather painfully too. The swelling there had gotten better, true, but my range of mobility hadn’t improved just yet. During the morning, the best that I could do was to drag my left foot around behind me… which made going up stairs a trial, let me tell you.

So this meant that I more or less spent the day in bed, resting, and only went downstairs when I needed to feed myself (which was needed before I took any more Advil). By the afternoon, it was definitely better, and by evening I could even raise and lower my left foot again, without pain shooting up from it.

Hopefully the trend continues, as there are places I need to go to tomorrow… Of course, this is providing that our water problem gets solved first. We went from having a trickle of water over the day, to literally nothing flowing from either faucet this evening. Hmm.

Well, I suppose if push comes to shove, we can just get water from the pump outside.


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