Chipping Away At That Weekend Blues

It’s been pretty chill for a weekend, all things considered. My father dropped by for some reason, but without my sister’s kid this time around, probably due to how he’d be too much of a handful to watch over if it rained on the way. Which it did, while I was on the way back from the office.

I pretty much slept through Saturday, and after the usual late-evening laundry, through a bit of Sunday as well. Though once I woke up, after breakfast my attention was focused on Kantai Collection again. The clock was ticking on that event timer, after all, so I spent most of my day first farming for a certain Italian aircraft carrier.

Well, that was easy enough...
Well, that was easy enough…

It took 21 S-Ranks on Easy difficulty to finally get her, but I suppose that’s far less than what I’ve heard some other players experienced. I went straight to clearing the stage on Hard after that, though it still took me the rest of the evening to accomplish.  It wasn’t too nightmarish, though the stage was a bit onerous, as one run took more than seven minutes to complete. Buh.

Well there goes my Singapore trip...
Well there goes my Singapore trip…
We're not done yet, not by a long shot.
We’re not done yet, not by a long shot.

Kantai Summer 2016 E3 Clear B Kantai Summer 2016 E3 Clear C

I had to stop myself from jumping straight into the Extra Operations, as there was still a bit of time (9+ days) before the event ends, meaning I could still use the time to stockpile on fuel and ammo, especially after hearing about the ridiculous resource drain trying to clear that stage on Hard. Yeah, I want to be as prepared for that as much as I could be.


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