Yes, Let’s Just Sleep That Away For The Moment

It was yet another exhausting day at the office. It wasn’t really physically tiring, but I still wanted to go and sleep almost immediately once I got home. And while I didn’t quite doze off at once unlike the other day, I was still asleep by mid-afternoon. In fact, my sleep was only interrupted when my uncle arrived, as I’d be hard-pressed to ignore the ringing of the house’s phone anyway.

The weather’s still bipolar as usual, as it was really hot when I got home (hence the need to turn on the a/c again), but it also apparently rained hard… Though not hard enough to wake up up fully. Hmm… The rains really don’t bother me too much, unless it’s pouring torrents while I was on the way to work.

It’s the hump day to the week, which means that there’s only just a few days until the weekend. Just need to hang on until then, I guess.


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