Again With The Little Changes

It’s a new month and a new work week, so I decided to change things up again. This time around, I’ve set the alarms I have back to eleven thirty, ostensibly to make my journal-keeping much more reliable. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

For those who’re curious about how my weekend went, I was a bit surprised to find my father at the house one I got home on Saturday, though without my sister’s son in tow. He did bring a few stuff from my sister’s house, so I guess that was the reason, though I didn’t have to think much about it since I wanted to go to bed ASAP. I proceeded to sleep through the day as usual, but woke up again late in the evening for the usual laundry.

Speaking of the laundry, I was able to finish putting the clothes out to dry on the clothesline before four in the morning on Sunday. I went to sleep again, but despite my best efforts I woke up at around nine-thirty or so… Which was a good thing, it turned out, as I was able to help my father put the clothes in the shade when it started raining during the morning.

My father left for my sister’s house after lunchtime, but it turned out as a bit of bad timing, as it started raining again. Hard. He came back, ostensibly to try to get his MRT card, but also to get an umbrella.

As for myself, today I woke up a bit early, and subsequently experienced a headache that wouldn’t leave me for the rest of the morning. I eventually had to go out and buy myself some headache medicine… which turned into a trip to refill our medicine stockpile of the house (though with generics, of course, to save money).

It’s payday tomorrow (technically the “Monday” shift), so that’s always something to look forward to, doubly so since it’s my sister’s birthday on Wednesday, and despite everything she’s said so far, she’s obviously expecting something from me.

Anime Watched: New Game!


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