Quite The Bowl Of Ramen

It’s my sister’s birthday, and the family decided to celebrate with lunch outside. I arrived a little late though, as I got off a bit late from work, but I was eventually able to meet up with everyone over at SM North Edsa. This time around it was Ramen Nagi, and even I was a bit intimidated at the bowl of noodles I ended up with, a concoction that looked like it was made mostly with squid ink… And it was spicy as heck. I think it’s the first time in a while that I hadn’t been able to completely finish off a meal, for sure.

My father accompanied me to the house this time around, though apparently my sister will drop off my nephew tomorrow, as she and her husband will spend two days “alone time” at a hotel they reserved previously. Haha.

Yesterday’s shift was crazy though. By ten in the morning it was queuing as heck, and it never stopped. It was bad enough that I wasn’t able to answer a quiz that the mentors dropped on our lap late in the day. Hmm. Will have to see about that when I get in for today’s shift I guess.


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