Less Relaxing, By Far

Friday’s shift was stressful as usual, that while I was able to go home mostly on time rather than putting in some unscheduled overtime, I still wanted to hit the sack once I got home. And that’s what I did, mostly. There’s still lunch, and getting changed, and humoring my father and my nephew, but I did go to sleep eventually…

Only to wake up early in the evening, when I noticed that the PC seems to have shut down. So of course I get up, and tried to turn it on… Except it wouldn’t. After maybe an hour of fruitlessly taking it apart to try and isolate what’s wrong with it, I threw up my hands in disgust, and went back to bed, having decided to worry about it in the morning.

Of course, that meant that I didn’t wake up before midnight for my usual laundry session, and instead it was already around five in the morning the next day before I was able to get started on the laundry. It still didn’t take too long though, as the water pressure was still strong, and by seven the laundry was hung out to dry at the clothesline.

As for the PC I waited until it was a little before noontime, then headed out with my PC’s tower to the usual computer repair shop. Easier said than done of course, as it was big, it was heavy, and what’s more, its casing was very very black, and since it was really hot and sunny today… Well, do the math.  

When I got to the shop, it took several hours, as well as a few false starts (mainly because the darned thing was stuck on a reboot cycle for some reason) but we finally isolated the problem: it was the motherboard. So one unplanned change in motherboard later — I’m kind of wondering whether the Ship of Theseus Paradox now counted for my computer — everything seemed to be working again.

And so here I am back at home, everything seems to be in order right now. Let’s see how long that lasts, eh?

Anime Watched: Dragonball Super.


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