Jenny, Come Lately

It says just how disruptive my current work schedule has been to my journal keeping (or for that matter, any other activity aside from sleeping or eating) that I’m forced to put in an entry whenever I can. And given the team’s current statistics, it’s not something that might change anytime soon, not unless we somehow pull up the average score past the eighties… which is not happening anytime soon.

And while I’m still doing somewhat well on the score-side, I’m constantly living in terror of my repeat calls score (which makes up a whopping 50% of our evaluation grade) going up any further. Ugh. And to think I missed the two callbacks during Friday’s shift, so I’m praying really really hard that those won’t bite me in the arse this week. 

On the positive side, my enrollment with our company’s education program was accepted, and so I’m going to start going to Japanese language class starting today, and every Monday until February. Okay, there’s going to be a 500-odd deduction to my salary every cutoff, but I think it’s worth it in this case, as I think it’s finally time to turn my hobby into actual fluency. Granted, it’s just Japanese 1, and that’s really entry-level stuff, and it’ll likely take me years at the rate of classes before I could be skilled enough to try for JPL3 certification, but at least it’s something that the company is willing to party pay for. 

That said, the fact that the class is on Mondays, and from six to nine at that, really throws a wrench into my rest schedules even more, as normally I’d still be asleep by that point. So I’m faced with a question as to what I to do after the classes end. Will I go straight to work, and catch up on sleep there? Or should I chance it to head back home, sleep until twelve-thirty, and then head to work?


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