End Of The Month Reflections

It's Alls Hallow's Eve right now in many places of the world, but for yours truly I was more worried about whether or not there would be any Japanese class scheduled today. I actually waited past noontime, as that's usually when the text from the Berlitz tutors show up, to inform us whether or not … Continue reading End Of The Month Reflections

Doesn’t Feel Any Different

For the first night on the phones after our phone service training, it sure didn't feel any different. I guess when one gets down to it, phone services comprises just a small percentage of the number of calls we get every evening. Oh well, that's a five-hundred peso addition to my salary premium so I … Continue reading Doesn’t Feel Any Different

Weekend Mis-Steps

Although I was able to finish the laundry as per my weekend habit, I wasn't able to follow by actually putting out the laundry to dry on the clothesline. I was too sleepy at that point, as my sister had woken me up during the prior evening for barbecue, and I wasn't able to back … Continue reading Weekend Mis-Steps

Waiting At That Point

The first day's class wasn't so bad, and as expected everyone in the team took advantage of it to relax. After all, it's a day off the phones, and that's always welcome. The lessons weren't too bad either, as it's really just an introduction to the phone services of our company, but supposedly it's during … Continue reading Waiting At That Point

Grappling With The Unexpected

So it turns out that my father and my nephew are going to stay here at the house for the week. It's not that much of a big deal, although I was forced to suddenly shell out not only money for my father to use for his stay here, but also to buy my nephew's powdered … Continue reading Grappling With The Unexpected

Rare Moments Of Workplace Relaxation

It was Thanksgiving Day in Canada yesterday, and while that didn't stop the calls, it did make it so that we experienced avail times until pretty much the end of the shift. Heck, it's the first time I'd ever seen our service level remain at green status, as on a normal day it would start … Continue reading Rare Moments Of Workplace Relaxation