Echoes Of Rainfall

There was quite a bit of rain yesterday morning. Of course, by that point I was already answering calls, safely inside the confines of the work floor by that point, but everyone could still hear how strong the downpour was at times. We were at the top floor of Market Market, after all.

It’s the start of the team’s third month on the work floor, and while I’ve been doing well, I’d be lying to say that the rest of the team’s scores were great. There were a whole lot of red marks, that’s for sure, which obviously worries our team lead, especially since our third month evaluation’s coming up.

As for myself, I’m always on pins and needles, trying to make sure I don’t screw up royally on the calls. 

Oh, and Monday’s Japanese class was cancelled, thankfully. I guess even the people at Berlitz realized that, after Sunday’s company party, many of their students might need the day to recover instead.


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