Can’t Feel Blue About That

It was payday during yesterday’s shift, and I was one of those who took advantage of my first break to go to the closest BPI ATM and withdraw the money. True, it meant that I had some nine-thousand odd pesos on my person for the rest of the shift, but I was already experienced enough to not go and spend it all in one go.

And yes, once my shift was done for the day, I did take a short detail to drop off the money in my savings bank.  Let me tell you, it’s nice to have savings again, and it’s probably at the point where I can start considering investing again, both in mutual funds as well as in my retirement plan. It’s at the point where the rain that we had during the afternoon didn’t bother me too much, though granted I was already at home already when the downpour started…

As for other stuff at work… It looks like I’ve passed the three-month evaluation, and will go on to start taking the next phase of training, which will tackle phone services, on the seventeenth. It makes me oddly relieved, but it’s still technically just the halfway point of getting regularized. So no, it does in no way lift the pressure off the team’s shoulders, but just adds even more scrutiny.


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