Quick Shifts

It’s close to the start of a new week, and with it a temporary change in schedule. Y’see, there’s a new set of training lined up for us, so we’re going to come in at six in the morning this time around. It’ll last for a week, but you bet that the rest of the team will take advantage of it. Confusingly though, it still comes on a “Monday” shift… Which means that technically, the start of the new schedule is actually on Tuesday.

In any case, this means that I’ll have more time to sleep after my Japanese class tomorrow evening, though what it means for the BGC bus schedule is anyone’s guess.

As for this weekend, well suffice to say that there was a lot of rain to be had. Indeed, the reason why I didn’t put out the clothes to dry after the laundry was done (and indeed, left the pile in the basin after rinsing with water several times) was due to the sporadic rain throughout the day.  And if it wasn’t raining, it was really dark and cloudy instead. Sheesh.

On the plus side though, we ordered pizza from Yellow Cab, for the first time in a very long while. That was nice, and very much appreciated.

Anime Watched: Dragonball Super, Flip-Flappers, WWW.Working!!, Izetta the Last Witch.


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