Grappling With The Unexpected

So it turns out that my father and my nephew are going to stay here at the house for the week. It’s not that much of a big deal, although I was forced to suddenly shell out not only money for my father to use for his stay here, but also to buy my nephew’s powdered milk formula, which had conveniently run out apparently this morning.

As for myself, I spent a good bit of the morning trying to finish the assignment given for my Japanese class. Once that was done, I finished watching what anime I could, then settled myself in for a mid-day snooze, in preparation for the class I had to attend later in the evening… And wouldn’t you know it? The class was suddenly cancelled. Hmm.

This meant that I had pretty much the rest of the evening again to rest, and prepare for tomorrow morning’s training. Which is an unforeseen but very welcome bonus.  Now if I could only manage to go to sleep again…

Anime Watched: Flip-Flappers, Dragonball Super, Stella no Mahou.


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