Minor Comforts And More Readjustments

So I’ve just received a text message from Berlitz informing me that there won’t be any class again tonight. On the one hand, that means that I’ll be able to sleep through the evening again. On the other, it also means that we’ve had about a month’s worth of classes docked from our pay, and nothing to show for it. Ugh.

Speaking of adjustments, it’s the end of DST, which means that our clocks get adjusted forward an hour. Though all that really means for me is that my shift starts at four, and I have to be awake by one-thirty instead of twelve-thirty. Hmm.

Hopefully I can bother someone at HR about my tax issue. It’s just not right that I seem to have the highest tax deduction per cutoff, despite being as single as the other members of the team.


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