Fall’s Chill And A Bit Of A Pinch

The weather’s finally starting to cool down, and even in the afternoon there’s little hint of the uncomfortable humidity that’s been common during the previous weeks. It sure made it easier to not use the a/c during the day, which will probably factor into lowering the electric bill just a smidgen.

On the financial side, I’m a little less positive. A string of sudden expenditures has brought my savings to their lowest point yet this year, and I’m a bit worried, as the start of December marks the return of the quarterly payment of my retirement plan premium. Hmm. And this time around, with the fallout coming from the US election results, it’s not going to be easy to ask for any help from my mother.

The biggest worry I have you see is that whether the incoming insurance premium plus the phone bill would wipe out the remainder of my savings even if you take into consideration my salary on the 21st.  That’s… worrisome. 


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