Yet Another Preparation For The Next Phase

It was payday yesterday, but I couldn’t really feel that happy about it. Well, there was the fact that I felt that I was being taxed really REALLY high, but other thoughts were occupying my mind, and I ended up not actually withdrawing anything that day. And it’s just as well, as my savings bank isn’t open during the weekend anyway…

In any case, the team is in for another set of training, and for the whole of this week we’ll be off the floor and doing some training for Service 2.0.  I’m not sure if it’ll add some more to our premium, but it’ll definitely more responsibilities on our side. But that’s to be expected already.

I’m still a little bummed out that I got a mid-box grade and my call repeats just spiked on the last day of the week. It made my score drop from 4.50 to a paltry 3.1, and that’s really bad, especially since there’s probably no way to make up for it since we’re having the week off for training. And worse, when we finally move on to 2.0, we’re going to use another, all-new, set of metrics, so the grades we leave behind will be the last we’ll have for November… Argh, it’s so frustrating.


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