Yeah, It’s Been A Handful

We got our 13th month pay on schedule on the 14th. And there was no delay-until-the-afternoon thing, as we feared, and instead the money appeared in our payroll accounts during the shift itself.

Let me tell you, I went straight to the bank after the shift… But only after a detour to Petrol jeans to buy the exchange gift item I was supposed to give to the teammate I drew from the hat. For a bit I was afraid that I was about to shell out a thousand pesos then and there, but it turned out that there was a sale, so I got away with just paying six-hundred and fifty pesos for the pair of size-27 high cut jeans.

Whatever relief that was felt with the arrival of the December bonus during the next day’s shift was undercut by the shocking news that one of the team leads of the Concierge service had died of a heart attack.  I didn’t know the guy personally, but he was the coach of one of our trainers, and had sat in during the last day of our training. A lot of people were shocked, especially as he was still relatively young. There one day… and gone the next.

As for the shift for that day… Well, aside from how we were deposited at the very FAR end of the work floor, it was the first time in what seemed like forever that we experienced honest-to-goodness avail times. It was enough that automated tasks, which seemed like snipes, so rare they were, came in with regularity. It was surprising. 

And today? Well, there was a bit of rain on the way to work, but once there, it seemed like the center was overstaffed for once. Seriously, I think I spent half of the shift just standing around, waiting for a station where I could log in again.  I finally was able to do so, but only after my usual lunch break.

Really looking forward to the weekend. Maybe will just use tomorrow afternoon after shift to do Christmas shopping for the family.


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