Not Improving

March 24, 2017

Although it hasn’t affected my ability to answer calls any, the pain in my right heel hasn’t gone away. Could it be high uric acid again? Regardless of the cause, my walk has pretty much turned into a limp. A visit to the doctor sounds really good right now…

That said its close to the weekend, so I could use that to rest and recover a little. I hope.


Not Fun For Walking

March 23, 2017

My right heel’s been stiff and aching since yesterday, and despite sleeping it off it doesn’t seem to be getying better. I had to take a painkiller to be even able to put some weight on it, but even then the best thay I could do is walk with a very obvious limp. It gets annoying really quick, let me tell you.

It’s not stopping me from going to work, mind you, but it’s going to be awkward moving around the work area this shift, for sure.

Not As Great A Start

March 22, 2017

Despite my best efforts, I still wound up getting late for work by around thirty minutes. It was very confusing too, since as far as I reckoned I was actually an hour early to the office; it turned out that I was already late at that point. Let me tell you, the verbal dressing down I got was not pleasant.

That aside, the workday was surprisingly slow for a Monday shift. Normally the calls would be queueing to the rafters, but that time around we were actually experiencing avail times. Hmm, go figure.

Oh and one more thing. My right heel’s gone stiff and aching on me again. I’m not-quite limping as a result, which is all sorts of awkward, but it hasn’t stopped me from going to work today. Though I guess it’ll make going to and from the pantry a trial on its own…

And one last thing — it was payday yesterday, and while it was nice to have money in the bank again it was also sobering to find out that, after deducting the expected bills I needed to pay at the end of the month, I have barely 4000-odd pesos of savings to tide me through until the 6th. Definitely not pleasant…

Restless Start Of The Week

March 21, 2017

Rather than avoid the issue again like I’ve been doing so for so long, I went out today to have myself checked at the OB-Gyne at San Juan de Dios today, rather than spending the morning readjusting to a nocturnal schedule. My cycle’s erratic at the best of times, but over the last two months it’s been… Worrisome.

In any case this meant a consultation followed by an ultrasound… The latter found surprisingly little, much to my relief. Still, I was told to not let the stress at work get me, as it was definitely affecting things. You don’t say, Doc?


March 15, 2017

I had to cancel this Friday’s doctor’s appointment. This was because, as I wasn’t able to reserve it as a PTO, it would have counted as an absence, which is the last thing the team needs right now. So I pretty much had to head to Makati Medical as soon as my shift was over, just to have my appointment cancelled, if not rescheduled.

And rescheduled it was, to May 9 in fact. That leaves me plenty of time to plan for it, at least as far as leave reservations go.

Now with that aside it’s back to worrying about the rest of the work week again, ahaha.

An Hour Backward

March 14, 2017

It’s the start of DST in North America, which means it’s another slight adjustment in schedule for us in the call center industry — an hour back to be exact. It sounds rough, doubly so in my case, as I have class on Mondays.

That said, as my instructor was absent, I was able to get home early, which meant that I was able to get a decent amount of sleep. Two extra hours make a whole lot of difference, let me tell you.

Anyway, it’s the start of a new week, so better start it on the right foot.

Close Calls

March 10, 2017

It was about the middle of yesterday’s shift when I suddenly felt the familiar tingle in my lower back. It was a muscle spasm again, and it would only be a matter of time before I was bowed over, by pain if not discomfort. 

I told my supervisor as much, but it was close to my second break, so I just had to last long enough until then, as I would be able to down to the Mercury Drug branch at the ground floor of Market Market and buy some muscle relaxant. Which I did. I took a tablet almost immediately, and while the effects weren’t immediate, it did get me through the remaining hours of my shift.

As I feel these aches and pains, I really feel my age. It’s a little annoying.