Not Improving

Although it hasn't affected my ability to answer calls any, the pain in my right heel hasn't gone away. Could it be high uric acid again? Regardless of the cause, my walk has pretty much turned into a limp. A visit to the doctor sounds really good right now... That said its close to the … Continue reading Not Improving


Not Fun For Walking

My right heel's been stiff and aching since yesterday, and despite sleeping it off it doesn't seem to be getying better. I had to take a painkiller to be even able to put some weight on it, but even then the best thay I could do is walk with a very obvious limp. It gets … Continue reading Not Fun For Walking

Restless Start Of The Week

Rather than avoid the issue again like I've been doing so for so long, I went out today to have myself checked at the OB-Gyne at San Juan de Dios today, rather than spending the morning readjusting to a nocturnal schedule. My cycle's erratic at the best of times, but over the last two months … Continue reading Restless Start Of The Week