Not As Great A Start

Despite my best efforts, I still wound up getting late for work by around thirty minutes. It was very confusing too, since as far as I reckoned I was actually an hour early to the office; it turned out that I was already late at that point. Let me tell you, the verbal dressing down I got was not pleasant.

That aside, the workday was surprisingly slow for a Monday shift. Normally the calls would be queueing to the rafters, but that time around we were actually experiencing avail times. Hmm, go figure.

Oh and one more thing. My right heel’s gone stiff and aching on me again. I’m not-quite limping as a result, which is all sorts of awkward, but it hasn’t stopped me from going to work today. Though I guess it’ll make going to and from the pantry a trial on its own…

And one last thing — it was payday yesterday, and while it was nice to have money in the bank again it was also sobering to find out that, after deducting the expected bills I needed to pay at the end of the month, I have barely 4000-odd pesos of savings to tide me through until the 6th. Definitely not pleasant…


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