Meet the Landlords

Puppy Dog
Dog peeking from the woodwork, photograph taken by my father circa 1972

Single Filipino Male.  Not really into skirt-chasing as of yet, but really wishes that SOME girl out there would be understanding enough to go steady with him.  Loves reading books, used to be taking a post-grad course, but currently on academic hiatus due to lack of funding and sever scheduling conflicts.  Likes gaming, especially connected to roleplaying like D&D.  Warhammer 40k is a given as well, although more on the modeling and tabletop gaming side. Watches anime, but likes Slice-of-life and Lovecom genres more than Mecha and Shounen.  Currently in Customer Service again, another cog in the BPO machine.

Did I mention that I like reading books?

About Myssa Rei:

Hmm, where to begin?  I’m a 29-year-old Analyst who works in a BPO company part-time, still single, and has a soft spot for Slice-of-Life anime… Not that I don’t watch shows that are not of the genre, but that really depends on my outlook for the cour.  I have, well, I’ve got a lot of intersecting and frankly incompatible hobbies, up to but not restricted to the following: the aforementioned anime, reading books, writing amateur fiction, drawing, CGI painting, playing Warhammer 40k, painting Warhammer 40k figures, playing Touhou games…  Plus jogging, biking, and city walking.

No wonder I don’t get anything done.