The Big Mug

(Author's Notes: The following is what I wrote as a submission for the "welcome wagon" phase of the NovoEd 2015 How to Write Fiction online course, as the first assignment) There was a particular coffee mug at home that I used often. It was large, much larger than all of the other mugs the family owned, … Continue reading The Big Mug

Day Off (part 3)

-*- As promised, Kurt had accompanied Miyu to the fastfood place that was close to the hotel.  He had about a hundred questions in his mind, foremost of which was "Why the heck are you even here?", but he supposed that it could wait.  He wasn't lying when he told her that he felt a … Continue reading Day Off (part 3)

Day Off (part 2)

(Yeah, five hundred words at a time isn't a lot, but it's the average length of some of my longer journal entries.  Suffice to say that this story will take a while, but it likely won't go over 10,000 words in the end) -*- Kurt  paused from typing on his laptop, and leaned back against … Continue reading Day Off (part 2)

In the Shadow of Giants

After a somewhat-restful afternoon siesta (somewhat, since I kept fading in and out of sleep), I was finally able to find time to flip open Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman's anthology of short stories. Although my initial intent was to mine it for something to use in my translation project for this term's class, the … Continue reading In the Shadow of Giants

Not Too Long In The Coming

Give me a moment to gather my thoughts. While I've been watching anime for as long as we've had a TV at home (although I was too young at the time to even know what anime was), I only really started to consider myself an anime fan when I got exposed to the twisted masterpiece … Continue reading Not Too Long In The Coming

Agreeing To Disagree: Aftermath Of Madoka Magica

As expected, the reception to the finale of Madoka Magica has been mixed, to say the least.  While the majority of bloggers and watchers agree that it was a satisfying end to an otherwise bleak series, it wasn't perfect (the flaws were very apparent, and it was something everyone agreed on), especially with all the … Continue reading Agreeing To Disagree: Aftermath Of Madoka Magica

That Perfect Seat

  There was this blog post done by Jason Miao a while back that discussed some of the trends associated with your typical, self-insert generic anime lead, male or female alike.  Having an inexplicable magnetic personality aside, one of the things that also seemed to define your 'typical anime lead' was where he or she … Continue reading That Perfect Seat

Sage Guest

Today's workshop session was very fun, as we had Dean Alfar (who is the Spec Fic writer in the Philippines) as our guest panelist, and he had a lot to share concerning his experiences as a writer of the genre.  To say that he's passionate is an understatement, and dead serious about everything and anything … Continue reading Sage Guest

Digressions on Mundanity

Don't you just hate it when things don't go as planned? I went to work last night expecting my training in the Customer Service function to start, but when I got there I didn't see any of my officemates, who were supposed to be trained with me.  I soon learned why: apparently, sometime in between … Continue reading Digressions on Mundanity