Good Friday Musings and Rewatching Madoka Magica

I think a good part of Christendom is, in one way or another, celebrating the passion, crucifixion, and death of Jesus on the cross.  For us here in the Philippines (for the more traditional-minded anyway) that means a pabasa, specifically through the Seven Last Words leading up to three in the afternoon.  There's also the bisita iglesia, … Continue reading Good Friday Musings and Rewatching Madoka Magica


Listening To Myself Ramble

Well, that was a surprisingly frustrating few hours at work.  For a Wednesday, there were sure a lot of calls on the queue, and this time around things only started to let up sometime after ten-thirty.  I'd have relaxed, if not for the fact that customer service calls didn't really stop coming until around eleven. … Continue reading Listening To Myself Ramble

Culmination and Stuffing

And here we are, Christmas Eve.  For all my preparations I still ended up sleeping up way past midnight, which meant I woke up around ten or so in the morning. It's not like I had anything to do though (aside from boot up the laptop downstairs so we can use the Magic Jack and … Continue reading Culmination and Stuffing

A Different Start To The Weekend

Minor hitch aside in writing my (delayed) assignment this morning, it's been a somewhat okay start for a Saturday.  Since I slept well, I didn't feel grumpy or enervated when I woke up today, despite it being early for a weekend.  Whats more, I was able to indulge in yet another fun SCCSAV group watch, … Continue reading A Different Start To The Weekend

One Short

Before we get into my fanart-related ramblings, let's get some of my real-life issues out of the way. Tomorrow's the day of the online adjustment for Graduate Students, which means I'll be able to finally enroll the class I'm going to take this term. The class selection itself will be completely online, but the thing is … Continue reading One Short

Expected Factors

Another evening, another Puella Magi done. As I mentioned yesterday, this time it's Kirika's (from Oriko Magica) turn. I had my usual problems, but I think that this sketch turned out relatively well. This pretty much takes care of the dramatis personae introduced in that spin-off... Which means it's time to fill out the roster … Continue reading Expected Factors

Add Another To The Herd

Well, add yet another Puella Magi to the growing cast stampede, this time Oriko Mikuni, the eponymous title character of the sidestory Puella Magi Oriko Magica. Let me tell you, drawing that full dress of hers was difficult for me, not for the design itself, but the messiness that preceded the finished sketch. All those … Continue reading Add Another To The Herd