Wide Awake For The Wrong Reasons On A Weekend

November 15, 2014

So, as soon as I got home from work (after buying two packs of leche flan as pasalubong), I didn’t go to sleep.  Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the iced tea I drank when I got to the house, but I’ve been pretty much awake since that point. And what have I been doing since then, hmm?  Preparing for series 63’s chapters 3 and 4 perhaps?  Not even close.

E1 Clear.

E1 Clear.

E2 Clear.

E2 Clear.

E3 Clear.

E3 Clear.

Prinz Eugen get!

Prinz Eugen get!

Yep, I was playing Kantai Collection again.  Specifically, I was participating in the Fall 2014 event (based on Operation Kon, the IJN’s planned reinforcement of Biak Island off New Guinea).  Pretty much finished 75% of it in one sitting, before I sat up around three in the afternoon to go outside and do the laundry (because there was a lot of it).  Finished at around five-forty five, and now I’m back here finishing this journal entry.

I really need to go to bed though, so that’s what I’m probably gonna do.  I’ll just finish the rest of the event (E4) tomorrow.

Just Wallowing In It

August 18, 2014

Today was somewhat fruitful, if you count the resource-gathering aspect of Kantai Collection. Managed to get my ammo to around 20k again, and when you add in the natural resource regeneration I have again, I should have enough of a war chest to farm E-4 again for the ships that I want.  Mhmm.

As for the real-life side of things, unfortunately I’m still unemployed and as such stuck here at home.  I think I got off lucky this time though, as my father didn’t direct any barbs at me today.  Might not happen again tomorrow though, so I suppose that means I’m going to have to help with the housework again, if only to convince him again that, yes, I can work if I wanted to.

That aside, really slow day.  Nothing notable in particular, aside from the fact that my father only noticed today about the situation at Ferguson, Missouri.  Sheesh, tatay.  And I ended my afternoon with a nap.  Simple, really.

Anime watched today: Sabagebu, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Jinsei, and Space Dandy.

Games played today: Kantai Collection, Kansen x Shoujo.

Breaking That Resource Bank

August 16, 2014

Today was mostly similar to yesterday, except this time around my sister finally dropped by, though she spent most of the morning and the better part of the early afternoon trying to catch up on her sleep.  As for me, since I was done with the event proper already, I just spent most of the day farming the event stages (E-5 first, then shifted to E-4 when I found out that Akashi didn’t drop for any admiral lower than level 105).  

Hilariously enough, I think I’ve spent more resources farming than I’d actually spent on the event stages themselves.  Go figure.  Got a few rare ships I wanted (Zuihou, Amatsukaze, Akitsumaru, Hatsukaze), but one in particular (Mikuma) has eluded me so far.  Lets try again tomorrow.

Oh, that, and it rained hard during the late afternoon, but that was to be expected after it started to get really dark around four or so.  My father worried that some parts of the roof might start leaking, what with the strong wind and all, but it was unfounded this time.  Too bad the wind wasn’t sustained, as while it rained, it still stayed somewhat humid and uncomfortable, at least in my room. Sheesh.

Gonna try to rein in my farming urges tomorrow, and just let my resources regen, and just finish some quests.

Can’t Really Say Much, Again

August 15, 2014

Regardless of my feelings about the competency of the management at my former place of employment, at least having work gave me some stuff to share about.  Being unemployed really sucks, as far as journal-keeping goes.

Let’s see, I woke up early again due to habit, at which I did some of the easier daily quests in Kantai Collection, then I went down to do my usual morning rituals (washing my face and gargling, obviously).  I was surprised that I wasn’t pestered by my father about the laundry, but I suppose it was due to how we both assumed that the baby’s minder would take care of it during the day (she didn’t, which means laundry proper maybe tomorrow).  Spent the rest of the day alternating between sitting in front of the PC, minding the baby when my father needed to do something, aside the usual lunchtime and bath time.

The baby spent an inordinate time in my room during the afternoon, since my father brought him in with the belief that, if we turned on the AC, he’d go to sleep easier (he’d been awake for way too long by this point). It didn’t exactly work, and the little guy carried on as if he was hyped on sugar.  Then during one of his jumps on my bed, he jumped right into metal edge of my bed, which of course led to much crying.  My father got him to calm down, but after a changed diaper later, and a trip downstairs, he was apparently out like a light.

As for me, I continued on with my usual Kancolle build-up.  Finally got to the point where I figured I was ready to face the fifth segment of the event early evening (after a two-hour nap), and I’ve been puttering at it since that time.  Let’s see how far I can get before I get sleepy.

You Should Know This By Now

August 14, 2014

Another day, another day in my lazy life of temporary unemployment.  Spent most of it, you guessed it, continuing on with the Kantai Collection Summer Event (aka Operation AL/MI).  Cleared the fourth leg, the actual invasion of Midway Island, with Bizarro/Shadow Akagi standing in for Midway itself.  Fun.

Also known as Shadow (as in the Persona 4 Shadows) Akagi.

Also known as Shadow (as in the Persona 4 Shadows) Akagi.

In a bit from the usual bit of hilarity with these events, most of my runs on the map went against the common predictions in the English wiki — 70% of my attacks came from the south, and indeed the final blow was struck from a southern route — due to the fleet composition I choose.  Which is to say that I stuck Aviation Battleships on my 1st Fleet rather than the “expected” Kongou-class fast battleships. Heh.

The IJN does it from below.

The IJN does it from below.

So much for conventional knowledge eh?  Now stockpiling for my attempt on E-5 tomorrow, which will possibly take much longer and give my ammo reserves more punishment.

On the personal side, my father got angry at me because I chose to use lemon-pepper seasoning on our tinolong manok at papaya, because it turned the chicken broth sour.  This was easily fixed by both adding Knorr chicken powder and more water.  Really, he could have said it in a much nicer way, mmph.

Saved By Circumstance

May 6, 2014

I was obviously worried, as it was a Tuesday, which meant that, in most cases, it was the day with the heaviest workload.  When I arrived at the office, my fears were confirmed — despite Correspondence being mostly there, the CS queue was backed up.  I was seriously worried that I’d be forced to help with the Walmart queue again.

The same sort of system issues struck though, and it took me something like an hour before I was finally able to find a remote server with everything I needed.  When I started taking in calls, I sighed a bit in relief that I wasn’t on the CS queue (though I did get some stray Walmart calls).  This were actually going swimmingly, when in the middle of one of my calls one of the merchant programs I used went down… and never came up again.

Because of that, I had to go on System Aux, and with my TC’s blessing, I logged off the remote server I was on, and tried to log in again, in the hopes of dropping into another server with a functioning system… Except things didn’t go as smoothly as expected. The servers I landed on never quite had all the programs needed — indeed, it seems that just as it had merchant programs okay, the CS side was down.  And this continued for something more than an hour, before my TC finally caved in, and decided that if I managed to find a server with a functioning system but without CS working, he’d have me taken off the CS queue entirely.

And that’s exactly what happened.  So I finally was able to take in calls again… except it was barely ten minutes to my scheduled lunch break by that point.  Whoops.

I imagine that some people might have been annoyed at that.

In any case, the rest of my day passed without incident, and despite the afternoon heat when I finally got off, I somehow managed to get home in one piece… At which I turned on the AC to my room and promptly took a nap.

And what did I do when I woke up in the evening?  

Mao, as always, was adorable

Mao, as always, was adorable

I watched the GJ-Bu OVA.  And it was wonderful.

May’s Labor’s Ruse

May 1, 2014

It’s Labor Day in the Philippines, but I somehow managed to miss taking advantage of the free MRT rides for the morning… by virtue of being way too early.  Not that I’d be able to do so anyway, as the free rides started at seven, which was also the start of my shift.

Managed to arrive at work with more than enough time to spare, but as expected, ran into the same problem that’s been plaguing me all week.  While I logged in in time, I was only able to take in calls around twenty minutes in, due to being unable to find a server where everything I needed was functioning again.  Urgh.

The day passed without incident, but boy, was it hot outside when we finally got off.

Oh, and when I got home, I was surprised to find two familiar bags waiting outside our doorstep, but without their owners.  I say familiar, as they’re the bags that my sister and the baby’s caretaker usually brings with them.  I opened up the house, then brought the bags in, and figured that their owners would show up sooner or later.

And they did.  With the baby in tow, my father came home some ten minutes after that.  I have to say, I was surprised, as I was expecting my sister and nephew tomorrow, but apparently my sister didn’t have work that day, so they took advantage of that fact to come by early.  With my sister’s change in schedule though, this means that we’re basically going to be alone with the baby the whole day tomorrow, but I’m sure that my father doesn’t mind that.

Had my afternoon nap, and when I woke up I planned on finishing off the Spring 2014 event’s boss.  Had two great runs, and reduced the map bar to basically zero, which meant that I just needed an actual sinking on the boss to clear the event.  However a spat of disconnections put a stop to that, so I had to stop as well, else I risk a banning (as multiple DC’s during sorties might be seen as the sort of things macros do).  I guess I’ll just try tomorrow, and send the rest of the fleets on resource-gathering expeditions.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be AS hot, but I have my doubts.  I’ll just a morning’s worth of uninterrupted internet connection however.