Single-Sitting Weekend Marathoning

I woke up really early today -- sometime around three or so in the morning.  When I found that, despite my best efforts, I couldn't go back to sleep, I figured that it would be best that I get started on my Kantai Collection playing for the day.  The plan was to finish all important dailies and weeklies … Continue reading Single-Sitting Weekend Marathoning


Wide Awake For The Wrong Reasons On A Weekend

So, as soon as I got home from work (after buying two packs of leche flan as pasalubong), I didn't go to sleep.  Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was the iced tea I drank when I got to the house, but I've been pretty much awake since that point. And what have I been doing since … Continue reading Wide Awake For The Wrong Reasons On A Weekend

Just Wallowing In It

Today was somewhat fruitful, if you count the resource-gathering aspect of Kantai Collection. Managed to get my ammo to around 20k again, and when you add in the natural resource regeneration I have again, I should have enough of a war chest to farm E-4 again for the ships that I want.  Mhmm. As for … Continue reading Just Wallowing In It

Breaking That Resource Bank

Today was mostly similar to yesterday, except this time around my sister finally dropped by, though she spent most of the morning and the better part of the early afternoon trying to catch up on her sleep.  As for me, since I was done with the event proper already, I just spent most of the day … Continue reading Breaking That Resource Bank

Can’t Really Say Much, Again

Regardless of my feelings about the competency of the management at my former place of employment, at least having work gave me some stuff to share about.  Being unemployed really sucks, as far as journal-keeping goes. Let's see, I woke up early again due to habit, at which I did some of the easier daily … Continue reading Can’t Really Say Much, Again

You Should Know This By Now

Another day, another day in my lazy life of temporary unemployment.  Spent most of it, you guessed it, continuing on with the Kantai Collection Summer Event (aka Operation AL/MI).  Cleared the fourth leg, the actual invasion of Midway Island, with Bizarro/Shadow Akagi standing in for Midway itself.  Fun. In a bit from the usual bit … Continue reading You Should Know This By Now

Saved By Circumstance

I was obviously worried, as it was a Tuesday, which meant that, in most cases, it was the day with the heaviest workload.  When I arrived at the office, my fears were confirmed -- despite Correspondence being mostly there, the CS queue was backed up.  I was seriously worried that I'd be forced to help … Continue reading Saved By Circumstance