Saved By Circumstance

May 6, 2014

I was obviously worried, as it was a Tuesday, which meant that, in most cases, it was the day with the heaviest workload.  When I arrived at the office, my fears were confirmed — despite Correspondence being mostly there, the CS queue was backed up.  I was seriously worried that I’d be forced to help with the Walmart queue again.

The same sort of system issues struck though, and it took me something like an hour before I was finally able to find a remote server with everything I needed.  When I started taking in calls, I sighed a bit in relief that I wasn’t on the CS queue (though I did get some stray Walmart calls).  This were actually going swimmingly, when in the middle of one of my calls one of the merchant programs I used went down… and never came up again.

Because of that, I had to go on System Aux, and with my TC’s blessing, I logged off the remote server I was on, and tried to log in again, in the hopes of dropping into another server with a functioning system… Except things didn’t go as smoothly as expected. The servers I landed on never quite had all the programs needed — indeed, it seems that just as it had merchant programs okay, the CS side was down.  And this continued for something more than an hour, before my TC finally caved in, and decided that if I managed to find a server with a functioning system but without CS working, he’d have me taken off the CS queue entirely.

And that’s exactly what happened.  So I finally was able to take in calls again… except it was barely ten minutes to my scheduled lunch break by that point.  Whoops.

I imagine that some people might have been annoyed at that.

In any case, the rest of my day passed without incident, and despite the afternoon heat when I finally got off, I somehow managed to get home in one piece… At which I turned on the AC to my room and promptly took a nap.

And what did I do when I woke up in the evening?  

Mao, as always, was adorable

Mao, as always, was adorable

I watched the GJ-Bu OVA.  And it was wonderful.

May’s Labor’s Ruse

May 1, 2014

It’s Labor Day in the Philippines, but I somehow managed to miss taking advantage of the free MRT rides for the morning… by virtue of being way too early.  Not that I’d be able to do so anyway, as the free rides started at seven, which was also the start of my shift.

Managed to arrive at work with more than enough time to spare, but as expected, ran into the same problem that’s been plaguing me all week.  While I logged in in time, I was only able to take in calls around twenty minutes in, due to being unable to find a server where everything I needed was functioning again.  Urgh.

The day passed without incident, but boy, was it hot outside when we finally got off.

Oh, and when I got home, I was surprised to find two familiar bags waiting outside our doorstep, but without their owners.  I say familiar, as they’re the bags that my sister and the baby’s caretaker usually brings with them.  I opened up the house, then brought the bags in, and figured that their owners would show up sooner or later.

And they did.  With the baby in tow, my father came home some ten minutes after that.  I have to say, I was surprised, as I was expecting my sister and nephew tomorrow, but apparently my sister didn’t have work that day, so they took advantage of that fact to come by early.  With my sister’s change in schedule though, this means that we’re basically going to be alone with the baby the whole day tomorrow, but I’m sure that my father doesn’t mind that.

Had my afternoon nap, and when I woke up I planned on finishing off the Spring 2014 event’s boss.  Had two great runs, and reduced the map bar to basically zero, which meant that I just needed an actual sinking on the boss to clear the event.  However a spat of disconnections put a stop to that, so I had to stop as well, else I risk a banning (as multiple DC’s during sorties might be seen as the sort of things macros do).  I guess I’ll just try tomorrow, and send the rest of the fleets on resource-gathering expeditions.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be AS hot, but I have my doubts.  I’ll just a morning’s worth of uninterrupted internet connection however.

Ended My Week With Sausages

April 24, 2014

So I went and bought myself a pack of Hungarian-style sausages on the way home, as I mentioned in my post yesterday.  They were quite expensive — around four hundred and fifty pesos for a pack of seven or eight — but I did get a free sausage-in-a-bun, and boy was it hefty.  The fact that I didn’t have to eat dinner afterward attests to how heavy it felt when it hit my stomach.  That said, it sure didn’t taste like our local longganisa, for sure — it was salty rather than sweet, for one.  

In any case, rather than be happy for the purchase, my father instead complaint about the expense, and how we could have bought a whole kilo of something else (say, tocino) for far less.  I countered that the expense was worth it in this case, as we’ve never tasted a sausage like this one.  Try to experience stuff you haven’t tasted before, y’know?

As for my day at work, not really much to say about it.  Just the usual shift, though I did feel annoyed at how, due to a change in the coding brought on by the new event, I can no longer play at work.  Drat. 


IJN Destroyer Hatsukaze

DD Tanikaze

IJN Destroyer Tanikaze

Speaking of the event, I focused my attention on THAT as soon as I got home and rested.  Hit map 2, and managed to clear it, though I have to say I was hemmoraging buckets due to RNG-related stupidity.  Blargh.  Managed to get both Tanikaze and Hatsukaze though, but it in no way makes up for the troll-level idiocy of the Night Battle node before the boss node.  

I’ll gather as much resources as I could  via the dailies, then I’m going to hit map 3 tomorrow.  I heard that it’s a lot more straightforward, but I’ll just have to see for myself.

Moving And Shaking

January 4, 2014

Despite it being a weekend and one of my well-deserved days off, my father dragged me out of bed by proxy, and with that same indignant tone of voice he uses whenever he disapproves of what I’m doing, made me accompany him to pick up a food stand trolley that one of my sister’s co-workers was leaving behind, as said co-worker was moving to Laguna (I think) and couldn’t bring it with her. When we got there though, said co-worker had left, and we had no idea where to pick up said food-trolley, so we walked back home, with my father grumbling about how I should learn to make the most of my time, and how had we left earlier we wouldn’t have to come home empty-handed.

I didn’t get a chance to settle in much once we got back home, as my father had sent my sister a message, and she replied with much clearer instructions for us.  Off we went again, but this time around we went straight for the landlord, and there it was… a disassembled food stand.  I boggled at how we’d be able to carry all of it back home, but that quickly got solved when my father flagged down a tricycle for us.  Even in pieces though I was worried that the tricycle wouldn’t be able to transport everything, and I had to make sure one of the biggest parts didn’t fall off the back (I was riding behind the tricycle driver for the trip home).  

Once we arrived in our neighborhood (and our transportation paid off), there was a lot of huffing and puffing as we lugged the pieces to the front of the house.  There we left the pieces, as there was no place to put it inside the house anyway, plus it would make it easier for my brother-in-law to pick up later on.

The rest of the day passed somewhat slowly.  My father went passive-aggressive on me for the rest of the day about how I should watch my weight, but he’s just repeating what I was made well aware about six months ago.  That said it’s just in time, as I’m already curbing my intake.  Let’s just see if it yields results…

Aside from that, nothing much to share really.  Just tweaked my finally-accessible Steam library, and played Kantai Collection on the side.  I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t seem to play X-Com (either EU or EW), so lets see if a reinstall fixes that.  And as for Kancolle…

Finally the Lucky Crane joins my ranks, sheesh.  Rainbow Holo rarity is hard...

Finally the Lucky Crane joins my ranks, sheesh. Rainbow Holo rarity is hard…

Yeah, got both of the Crane sisters now.  Now if only I could get some bears (aka Mikuma or Kumano, mostly Kumano) before the Arpeggio event ends next week…

P.S. Enrollment period once again upon me.  Given the state of my savings, I’m considering just paying for residency for now.

Not A Lot As Usual

December 28, 2013

As the title suggests, there’s not really much to share about my day.  Pretty much part for course for my weekend, really.

Oh, yeah, apparently me and my father were selected to be the representatives of our side of the family to the wedding of one of my cousins.  The wedding will be in Mati Davao this summer, but obviously my father wants to reserve tickets now for the massive discounts.  And given the date, hmm, it sounds like I’ll have a reason to lose weight for next year.

Yeah, losing flab will be my New Year’s resolution.

One of our seaman relatives joined us today, and will be staying with us until tomorrow, so it wasn’t just the two of us this time.  That said, the only thing that changed really is how we had to prepare an additional plate, but otherwise it was the same as always.  Just me sitting in front of the PC doing nothing creative.  Which means Kantai Collection and updating World of Tanks.

She really IS stoic by the way.

Well at least I won’t have to luck out during crafting,

On the bright side, I managed to get Steam up and running again (which involved tricking the update thingie via surreptitiously timed use of VPN), but this means that I’ll have to redownload all of the games I played more than a casual basis… Which means Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, and XCOM: EU.

And all of these on top of the anime I haven’t finished downloading over the week. Ugh.

Anyway, as usual here’s to hoping that tomorrow’s shift turns out to be less stressful, and that EVERYONE who should come in does.

From Frustration To Going All-In

December 27, 2013

It’s the first day of my weekend, so those already familiar with my habits know what to expect.  I didn’t want to wake up early… But woke up about two hours before the alarm rang anyway.  Spent the intervening time trying to continue where I left off in Kantai Collection — which is to say trying to finish the Arpeggio collab event.  And at around nine-thirty or so, right on time, came both the phone alarm and my father telling me to get off my arse and start on the laundry already.

Spent around an hour or so on the laundry (it always amazes me how much we accumulate during the week, seriously), all the while “listening” to Soviet Storm:  Stalingrad being played on my cellphone (I saved the History Channel special to watch on it).  After helping tatay rinse said clothes and put them to dry, it was back upstairs to Kantai Collection.  

Lunch aside, it turned into a frustrating few hours as I tried and failed eleven straight times at the E-3 map.  Maya (from Arpeggio) would somehow find a way to hit one of my girls and reduce her to critical/red status, which would force me to end the sortie prematurely and return to base to repair.  With my resources going low and my frustration mounting, I threw caution to the wind, loaded the three allied Arpeggio ships available to me (tsundere heavy cruiser Takao, Iona, and battleship Haruna), then hit E-3 again with abandon.  Three straight sorties with three straight wins followed, but I was more relieved than happy at the end of it, really.

Kantai E-3 clear

Somehow, this victory feels so… phyrric.

And Kancolle’s I-401 received as a reward.  That said, my resources have been pretty much drained by the event.  Hard to imagine I started at around 30k+ each during the 24th…  And with two of my fleets reserved for unlocking Expedition 30, this means I have only a single fleet left for Resource Expedition duty.  At best, it’ll be three or more days before I can even think of farming the cleared event maps for rare ships.

Talk about pissing one's riches down the drain.

Talk about pissing one’s riches down the drain.

Well, time to get those resources back.

Personal Ironies, Leyte Gulf, and KanColle

October 25, 2013

For those who worry about these type of things, today is part of the four-day anniversary of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the series of sea battles that spelt the end of the Imperial Japanese Navy as an effective fighting force, and paved the way for the eventual retaking of the island of Luzon by proving the US forces a beachhead in the provinces of Samar and Leyte.  Specifically, today covers two segments of the greater battle: the Battle off Samar, where a smaller force composed of destroyers and escort carriers (codenamed Taffy 3) drove a qualitatively superior IJN fleet which, among other things, included the supperbattleship Yamato, and a throng of heavy cruisers; and the Battle of Surigao Straight, which historians count as one of the last battleship to battleship engagements in modern history, with the US forces successfully crossed the T of the hapless admiral Nishimura’s forces.

I’m not normally one to think about anniversaries of World War 2 battles, but this one in particular (and the retaking of Leyte in general) is kind of personal, as my father’s side of the family hails from Leyte, specifically Ormoc.  We’re quite sure that he, as the eldest of his family, was already around during the Battle of Ormoc bay (it’s kind of an inside-joke in the family about how, despite “officially” being listed as born in 1946, he really was born in 1943, but the former date stuck because the original birth certificate got destroyed along with the Census office during the retaking of Ormoc), but as with everything about his early life, he’s been pretty close-lipped about it.  

Same goes with both his parents.  The most I could get out of him was a shrug, and a crack about how, as civilians, lola and lola didn’t have war stories to share.  And he kind of doubted that stories about how they escaped to the mountains (the area where the Geothermal plant now is located) and lived on kamote while waiting out the fighting between the Americans and the Japanese, would be interesting.

The irony comes in, of course, in the present day, with myself being a fan of Japanese-created media, playing a browser game based on moe personifications of many of the ships that sunk during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.  And to pile on more ironies, some of my highest-leveled ships just happened to be part of Admiral Nishimura’s ill-fated fleet at Surigao Straight: Fuso, Yamashiro, Mogami, and Shigure.  See the screenshot below to see what I mean:

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Battleship Fuso, Battleship Yamashiro, Aviation Cruiser Mogami, Destroyer Shigure

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Battleship Fuso, Battleship Yamashiro, Aviation Cruiser Mogami, Destroyer Shigure

Funny how things worked out, as Yamashiro and Fuso where the first battleships I got in the game.

Now imagine her being TORN IN HALF, which was the fate of the real-life Fuso during the Battle of Surigao Straight.

Now imagine her being TORN IN HALF, which was the fate of the real-life Fuso during the Battle of Surigao Straight.

As for things unrelated to history or KanColle… Well, it’s payday today, though that meant that a significant chunk of my salary went into paying off some bills as usual. Specifically, the Maynilad water bill, the PLDT bill (which I grudgingly did), as well as a 2000-peso deduction to my VISA card debt.  What remained (about three thousand pesos worth), went into my savings as usual.

Didn’t go home straight after that, as I was aware that the internet still wasn’t up, so I killed two hours at an internet shop doing some idle browsing.  After my time was up, I went back home, and took a later afternoon nap as per practice.  And hey, when I woke up, we had net access again, so it was sort of fine.

Tomorrow is my nephew’s baptism, but we still haven’t received any message from my sister what time we’re supposed to show up.  Tatay expects it to be early anyway, so this means waking up early and heading off to Quezon City.  Should be fun, as I’ve never visited their new house yet.


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