Finally Took That Plunge

So after several months of dithering, I finally decided to get the WordPress app for my phone. This should make it more convenient for me to keep my online journal updated, as I have no excuse now to not do so, as I could bring WordPress with me even at work. So what have I … Continue reading Finally Took That Plunge


Rest Like You Need To

Another weekend, another day of spending most of it in bed. The previous few days have been pretty harsh, so hopefully no one begrudges me my time in the sack. That aside, most of what I did was watch even more documentaries about World War 2, intersped with anime to make up for the time. Heck, … Continue reading Rest Like You Need To

Stuffed During All-Saints Day

Aside from the spread we prepared for lunchtime, which included among other things valenciana, pork barbecue skewers, grilled squid, halabos na hipon, and copious amounts of Coca Cola, it was actually pretty unexciting here at home today. For the most part, I was content to sleep through most of it, though I did help with the … Continue reading Stuffed During All-Saints Day

And Now For The REAL Weekend

I can't really say that the weekend was well-spent, but I will admit that this was one of the first times that I've felt fully relaxed for a while.  I think the fact that I was able to sleep in helped, but the fact that my sister was using my room for the duration of her … Continue reading And Now For The REAL Weekend

Another Lazy Weekend In The Bag

Suffice to say that I made the most of the day by sleeping, then once I woke up, catching up on some Kantai Collection gaming, particularly with regards to the new Extra Operation (world 1-6). And as you might gather, some catching up on anime as well. Anime Watched: Dungeon De-Ai, The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, … Continue reading Another Lazy Weekend In The Bag

Continuing With My Break

Today was more or less a continuation from yesterday, which is to say mostly just me relaxing, and even catching up with anime-watching.  Nothing particularly noteworthy, though my mother (during her morning video-conference with us) that she's concerned that her grandson isn't talking (in coherent sentences) yet, compared to his barely same-age aunt (the second kid of … Continue reading Continuing With My Break

Sure, Bug The Jobless Again

The little bayside trip didn't go forward after all, as my father, seeing the gloomy skies that came around this morning, decided to just let us sleep for the rest of the morning.  Of course, this still didn't stop the baby from waking up before my sister and I, but the little guy managed to … Continue reading Sure, Bug The Jobless Again