A Lot of Life Changes

Hey there, it's been a while since I last posted anything. Suffice to say that I've been going through a lot over the last few months, and I couldn't find the time to update my journal. Real life.. Tends to do things, and mine I felt got extra busy really quick. So lets see... I … Continue reading A Lot of Life Changes


Daily Setup, Abbreviated

Yeah, waking up early every other day to head to the office is definitely going need getting used to.  I managed to prepare for today somewhat by skipping out on playing World of Tanks this morning, which means that coming into the afternoon I've managed to get enough sleep.  So I'm not feeling sleepy or … Continue reading Daily Setup, Abbreviated

Aches And Pains Into The New Year

As I was informed that the MRT might be ending its service early today, I'm up and awake much earlier than usual. Obviously it means that I'm going to have to finish everything I usually use the early evening to do (like bath and dinner). Yesterday's phone lab was a bit of a shock, as … Continue reading Aches And Pains Into The New Year

Slept Through Christmas Day

That's right, I slept through Christmas Day.  Admittedly it was mostly my fault, as by the time I went to bed at one-thirty in the afternoon I'd spent the whole morning (from the time I arrived at around six) playing video games. So when I did go to bed... well it's no surprise I slept … Continue reading Slept Through Christmas Day

On The Lip Of The Precipice Once Again

Well here I am, about two days away from the series 63 exam, and still not feeling altogether confident at my chances.  I seem to be doing better with regards to the practice exams, but as was evidenced by the performance of my classmates during the previous series 6 exam, doing good on the practice exams … Continue reading On The Lip Of The Precipice Once Again

A Shift’s Worth Of Heck

Ah, yeah.  Today was pretty bad.   Just how bad?   Well, when I arrived at the office, there was around fifty calls waiting, and around thirty of those were Walmart calls. And that number simply did not end, and it was more or less nonstop calls until four minutes to eleven (which incidentally was my … Continue reading A Shift’s Worth Of Heck