Brotherhood of War: Allies of the Azure Blades

The Azure Blades are not alone in their vigil at the extreme edge of Imperial territory, as other Space Marine Chapters call the northeastern edge of Segmentum Ultima their home, some of whom have homeworlds close to the ancient route that the Chapter’s fleet traverses.  Some are far older than the Chapter, tracing their rolls of honor to the centuries following the Heresy, while others are relatively younger, founded in later times in response to ever-increasing threats; regardless of age they stand united in purpose to uphold the Emperor’s will, and defend the holdings of His empire from the rot that gnaws it from inside its own borders, and the perils that beset it from the dark void between galaxies.  Bound by ancient pacts theirs is a brotherhood literally forged in war, and while their methods and personalities are as different as the gene lines from which they claim descent, these Chapters would assist another if the situation merits it, as out in the borderlands isolation means destruction, and during these dark times the Imperium can ill-afford the loss of even one Astartes Chapter.

The Chapters described below are examples of those whom the Azure Blades have cooperated with on several campaigns, and hold relatively amicable relationships with.

Storm Condors

Homeworld: Aconcagua

Descended from the gene-line of Jhagatai Khan, the Storm Condors are experts of lightning-fast attacks and hit-and run tactics.  Unlike their ancestor legion’s predilection for bike squads the battle-brothers of the Condors prefer to use the Land Speeder and its various variants, but this is due to the heavily mountainous terrain of their homeworld more than anything else, and both bike squads and tanks still play major roles during the Chapter’s many campaigns.  The battle-brothers of the Chapter are loud and gregarious, loyal to their allies and terrible to those unlucky enough to be called their enemies.

Andalgalá Calchaquí, leader of the Cozcaquauhtli Brotherhood, shares a history with Chapter Master Burgos stretching back almost three centuries and considers the latter his Blood Brother, after Burgos, as a sergeant, saved his life during the Aymara Insurrection.

Knights Sangria

Homeworld: Cardinale-XII

The Knights Sangria are descended from the gene-line of Sanguinius, and share the Blood Angels’ predilection for breathtaking aerial assaults and brutal close-quarters combat.  Compared to their ancestor legion, the Knights Sangria are a dour and severe lot, believing that only through iron-clad discipline can the blood rage that every scion of Sanguinius feels inside their psyches be held in check.  Despite this it is inevitable that a battle-brother falls to the Black Rage; when he does, he is inducted into the ranks of the Penitents, the Chapter’s answer to the Death Company, to atone for the sin of letting the Flaw overcome him.  More often than not, the battle-brother gains redemption at the cost of his life.

The Knights Sangria have recently answered Commander Dante’s call for aid, and has sent its 4th and 8th Companies, deployed in the Strike Cruisers Vasaló and Vezeklés, for the defense of Baal.

Rift Wardens

Homeworld: Giât Marwolaeth

Although they trace their lineage back to the Raven Guard, the Rift Wardens show none of their ancestor legion’s preference for guerrilla tactics, and specialize instead in ship-to-ship combat and boarding actions.  This change in tactics was brought upon by necessity, as their homeworld sits on the edge of the Dagdian Expanse, a relatively stable spacial anomaly that has been a haven for pirate bands and renegades for centuries, despite the Chapter fleet’s best efforts at cleansing the area.  Because of their experience with corsairs, the brothers of the Chapter are slow to trust, and easy to anger.

About a thousand years ago the relationship between the Azure Blades and the Rift Wardens became strained as each Chapter blamed the other for the disastrous aftermath of the Sucellos War, but has slowly been on the mend due to the efforts of leaders on both sides.

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