The Azure Blades and Warhammer 40000 Editions

The Azure Blades and Codex: Space Marines 5th Edition

The Azure Blades, as a Codex Chapter, is fully-compatible with the most recent incarnation of the Codex. Indeed, the profile used above for Chapter Master Burgos uses the default Chapter Master profile, with Chapter Tactics being this author’s personal caveat. This compatibility extends to the ‘Counts As’ rule included in the Codex, regarding the use of personalities of other Chapters, such as Captain Lysander of the Imperial Fists and Captain Shrike of the Raven Guard. The different Chapter Tactics these personalities bring to the tabletop can be seen as how each Azure Blade Captain interprets and uses an aspect of the Codex.

The Following are some of the analogues, rules-wise, of the heroes in Codex: Space Marines (and the ones the author actually has models to represent).

Brother-Captain Damos Corpuz, Commander of the 1st Company: Stubborn as a bull grox and several times as hardy, Damos Corpuz leads the Azure Blades Veteran Company. He is known for his stoic demeanor, his expertise in siege warfare, and his massive thunder hammer, jokingly referred-to by the Veterans under his command as the “Initiate’s Bane”. He counts as Captain Darnath Lysander of the Imperial Fists.

Brother-Captain Janus Lawson, Commander of the 2nd Company: Formerly of the 3rd Company, the charismatic Captain Lawson inherited the position after Captain Corpuz was promoted to the 1st Company. Of all the current Captains, he is the one who most espouses the tactical flexibility of the Codex Astartes, utilizing its different strategems depending on the situations he faces during a campaign. He is also the Master of the Fleet, and as such has the responsibility of commanding the Chapter’s complement of warships. He counts as Captain Cato Sicarius of the Ultramarines.

Brother-Captain Voltar Kenningson, Commander of the 3rd Company: Expert of surgical strikes and rapid deployment, Captain Kenningson is the current leader of 3rd Company and the Chapter’s Master of the Watch. Unlike his peers Kenningson relies more heavily on guerrilla tactics instead of open warfare, hitting at an opponent’s weak points before vanishing back into the shadows, but when situation calls for it is capable of moving his company quickly to wherever a threat is in need of attention. He counts as Captain Kayvaan Shrike of the Raven Guard.

The Azure Blades and Codex: Space Marines 8th Edition

For the 8th Edition, while the Azure Blades are Ultramarines descendants, I feel that it would fit my preferred playstyle best if I use the Chapter as an UNKNOWN FOUNDING, which leaves me open to use the RAVEN GUARD Chapter Tactics.

Chapter Master Burgos, for his part, is better represented by the rules of Chapter Master LIAS ISSODON of the RAPTORS Chapter.