The Fate of the Terminators

Many Imperial scholars had assumed that, with the annihilation of the Chapter’s veterans and the mad scramble to escape the trap the Alpha Legion had laid, the Azure Blades had lost most if not all of the ancient suits of tactical dreadnought armor it possessed. As such, the relatively recent sightings of officers, even one or two squads wearing terminator armor, has raised some eyebrows and placed the Chapter once more under scrutiny of the Adeptus Mechanicus, given the Azure Blades’ history of tinkering with their equipment. Some have even gone as far as accuse the Chapter’s techmarines of the grave sin of Reverse-Engineering to replenish their diminished supply of those valued artifacts, charges which the Azure Blades’ techmarines vehemently deny, dismissing such claims as deluded fancies built more on heresay than actual fact.

For all the wild theories put forward for the reappearance of these rare relics, the truth is actually far more mundane. In the initial months of the Siquijor Campaign Azure Blade veterans regularly engaged the rebels wearing terminator armor, but despite the protection it provided the armor was also heavy and cumbersome, which eventually limited its usefulness against the more maneuverable traitor legionnaires, who utilized hit-and-run tactics and ambush to negate the armor’s advantages. And so, in an effort to counter the tactics used by their enemies, the Chapter’s commanders and its veterans returned to the use of standard power armor which, while not providing the same level of protection, allowed them more flexibility in tactics and mobility. The twenty sacred suits were transported back to their alcoves within the fortress-monastery’s Reclusiam, where they would wait for another conflict they could be put to better use. And so, safe among the Chapter’s relics, the suits avoided the tragedy that followed.

With the loss of so many of the Chapter’s veterans in the wake of the Shattering, as well as the Azure Blades’ subsequent turn to more stealth-based tactics in its campaigns, use of terminator armor fell out of favor. However, with the recent resurgence in numbers of the Chapter’s battle-brothers and veterans, as well as a gradual return to strategies that favored direct assault over covert operations, the Chapter’s terminator-armored brethren are once more making their presence felt in battles across the Eastern Fringe.

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