Warhammer 40000: Liber Astartes Galaxy Star Map

Now to let everyone in on a little secret.  My cousin and I have been secretly sharing an account over at Bolter and Chainsword, where we’re collectively known under the handle ‘Espada Azul‘.  It’s a bit of an in-joke between us, with him being ‘Espada’ (as the gung-ho male) and me being ‘Azul’ (since Blue is my favorite color).

Anyway a few weeks before me and my sister left for the United States for vacation, ‘Espada Azul’ got involved in a little forum project in the Bolter and Chainsword, over in the Liber Astartes subforum (where most of the D.I.Y. or Do It Yourself Chapter backgrounds are hammered out), trying to map out the domains or homeworlds of the Chapters that were birthed from the Liber subforum… Or at least, it started that way.

This is pretty much the result of it.

Warhammer 40000 Starmap Version 2.0

Go on, click on the image to see just how BIG (and detailed) it is.

Yes, the file is massive, but it would have to be, since it has to contain most of the Astartes Homeworlds shown in the 5th Edition Codex: Space Marines, as well as many of the planets named in Games Workshop and Black Library works over the years.

While we tried to triangulate where most of the Loyalist and Renegade Chapters printed in the Librarium’s Liber Astartes section are located,  some entries are just too vague (and their authors out of contact) to pinpoint, so it’s in no way complete.

Still it’s a useful tool for the folks over there at Liber to position their nascent Chapters in.  Space is a massive place, and it pays to know who your neighbors are in the galactic neighborhood.

Update Notes:

January 02, 2010 Update

– Added Knights Seraphic Homeworld

– Added Legio Solemnitas Homeworld

– Added Iron Hands Homeworld

– Added handy-dandy Scale.

16 thoughts on “Warhammer 40000: Liber Astartes Galaxy Star Map

  1. hi, im looking for a world (or place on a world) called Doom Gorge. its where the only recorded information regarding the Black Guard (Loyalist chapter, successors of the Raven Guard second founding) exists. They are recorded as having a resounding victory over the Tyranids, while hardley losing any of their own. anyone came across this yet?

    1. It looks like the aside from being told that the battle happened, there’s not much else about this Doom Gorge (indeed, there’s a single mention of it in the 3rd Edition codex), and it’s not been pinpointed on any published map by either Games Workshop, Forgeworld, or Fantasy Flight Games (which gave us the area around the Hadex Anomaly as its setting for Deathwatch). Sorry, can’t help with this one.

  2. Hay i know this is an old post but i downloaded your map for reference a ways back with others and noticed yours has a scale to go off of. i’m took it upon myself to try to make a 3d replica based on your map in Universe Sandbox also available in steam. I’m telling you this to kinda say your map is one of the best to use since it has a scale and making it easier for a very large challenge and i kinda whated to let you guys know.

  3. The map is very very nice, except one thing:

    It has Sol in the completely wrong spot.

    I can see that you’ve based the map on this Milky Way map:

    Which has the sun at the bottom of the map, rather in the western quarter.

    1. It’s hard to get a proper approximate, as the galactic picture in question was circular… Except the overlay that I used had most planets (from White Dwarf, then added stuff from more recent material like the RPGs) was a big ellipse instead. This was the best that I could manage without distorting things further.

      1. All you had to do was turn the image 90 degrees and leave it a top view instead of tilting it to the angles presented to match the awful GW interpretation. It would also benefit players to have representation of the z-axis as well in a cross-sectional view. I’m working on a map based on the same picture and although there are written fluff regarding which way is “Galactic North”, I have no problem defining “Galactic East” as bearing 0 degrees.

      2. Like AlabasterKnight says: 90 degrees is all it takes 🙂

        Sol is somewhere to the left of the current location of Rynn’s World.

        I don’t mind the ellipse for that much; it actually looks better than the top-down view, even though it makes measuring distances sort of tricky.

      3. I’ll get on it, but it’s kind of low priority (real life trumps hobbies ahaha), plus it’ll require me to get the latest Adobe CS4 too…

    1. I mean, I could just look at your map and begin the long tedious process of cataloguing names and coordinates… but really?

      1. Believe me, I’m working on it. The thing is the actual file is impossible to send out via mail, I’ve found, as it’s pretty big. What you’re seeing here is actually the compressed version.

  4. Well, in the spirit of building a better mousetrap (and should the forum mods approve), my email addy is (username)@cox.net; shoot me a private email with “galaxy map” in the subject line and I’ll invite you to an FTP box that will hold the upload file; in exchange, I will put my conversion back in the box for you to download at your convenience. Sound fair?

    1. It’s under the Imperial Fist label. While the Fists have the Phalanx as their mobile base, pre-4th edition sources have ALWAYS listed Terra as their homeworld.

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