Apocrypha in Progress, part 4

Well, I did mention that I was going to make the most of the time so I decided, what the hey, I'll just continue adding to the details in that pic I was coloring.  This time around, I've finished the clothes, the pillow, as well as parts of the book Mayumi is holding, but I'm … Continue reading Apocrypha in Progress, part 4

Apocrypha in Progress, Part 3

As one might guess, I'm definitely making progress on the picture I drew just two days ago.  After playing around with the blending options available, I managed to finish shading Mayumi's eyes, skin, and hair, and while it's fairly obvious I need to work on my Airbrush and Wet Brush combination, I still think it … Continue reading Apocrypha in Progress, Part 3

Apocrypha in Progress part 2

Oh yes, I'm definitely making progress. I'm really happy at how user-friendly Picture Tool SAI is, as the picture above was base-colored after less than two hours worth of work, which is really something when compared to my previous experiences with Photoshop.  I'm fast approaching the trickier parts (for a layman I mean) of coloring, … Continue reading Apocrypha in Progress part 2

Apocrypha in Progress

And no, I'm not talking about my other work in progress here on the blog. Along with writing, I used to do my share of drawing, or at the very least line-art.  Much like my writing though, my drawing output all but stopped when I started working full-time, and eventually became somewhat supplanted by painting … Continue reading Apocrypha in Progress

Idle Afternoons

I was supposed to post something vaguely related to my hobbies, but something came up -- specifically, I had to bring my cousin's luggage over to the hotel she, her mom, and her daughter were staying at.  Funny how life works, ne?  Anyway it's late in the afternoon, and after all that running around (and … Continue reading Idle Afternoons