Quick Change of Plans

September 2, 2011

Well, it looks like it’s final. My somewhat carefree-days are, apparently, over.

It looks like the enrollment of subjects for those of us taking up Post-Graduate degrees is scheduled on the 5th of September, with the adding of subjects to be done online via the My DLSU webpage as usual. After that it’s only a one day wait to get the forms, after which I can head straight to the university registrar for payment. Ugh. This couldn’t have come at a worse time, as I’ll also have to contribute to some of the household (and credit card!) bills that also have their deadlines close to those days. Payday (on the 10th) can’t come soon enough, it seems.

Judging from the available subjects… It looks like I’m only going to be able to take one class again, as I’ve already taken all the others listed. It kind of figures, as the Screenwriting Techniques class was one that I missed out on (since I instead took Introduction to Professional Editing), and I think that’s pretty much the last ‘major’ class I need to take outside of its attached workshop class. Ugh. I’ve listened to some of my classmates talk about their experiences, and while it’s necessary, I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy it much once it’s my turn to go through it. And while I know the professor who’s going to teach it, the fact that he has the reputation of being the resident hipster (partly in jest of course) of the faculty makes me worry a bit.

Ah, I’m making myself anxious about the class even before it starts. I’ll have to do something about the tuition, then worry about the class. At this rate, the first day of classes should be on… the 10th.

Oi, that’s just so quick. I haven’t even filled out my Puella Magi stampede yet.


Why Bother Counting

July 24, 2011

Today is my cheat day, which means I won’t restrict my diet for a change. It also means that I won’t do some exercising as well, aside from the usual walk to and from church, to give my muscles a chance to recover.  It’s back to the usual tomorrow though, but I’m wondering if it won’t end up as a loss, considering that it’s my birthday the day after.  Have to spoil myself after all.

What?  Expecting me to say something else?  Hmm, well I’m at a loss for something to say for a change actually.  It’s just your normal Sunday, which means that for about two hours the calls were hectic, but after that the queue was light enough that there were several minutes in between calls.  Just how I like it.

My bank account is, as usual, close to dying, but that’ll be remedied by tomorrow, since it’s payday once again.  Deducting this month’s phone bill, and I should still have enough to last until the next payday, barring unforeseen purchases of course (which have dropped close to zero since I started working part-time).  Aside from that, I really need to cut down on my daily spending, but that’s difficult since I work smack drab in the financial district, and most of the time the closest place to get food is the convenience store at the ground floor of our office building.

Hmm. Two days off. What to do, what to do…  Kind of a shame how I couldn’t get three consecutive days off, but I guess I’m already lucky as it is.  Too bad this means I’ll have to come back to work at the height of the workweek, but that’s a given I suppose.

Eh, as usual with me, I’ll just have to see.

Budget Crunch

June 18, 2010

I just received our phone bill today, and despite being unemployed (and being a full-time student on top of that) by virtue of me being the primary user of the internet (the DSL connection makes up a good chunk of the phone bill) I have to pay the bill.  It’s that time of the month again, and I have to say, my poor savings account is straining against the abuse it’s been put through ever since I decided to stop working and start studying again.  Sure, nanay and tatay are helping out with the expenses, but at my age it’s embarrassing to keep relying on them for money.  I need work, I’d like to get work, but so far none of the companies I’ve my submitted my resume to have given me a reply.  *sigh*

Oh well, I better just make do with what I have, and hope that I get hired before my bank account zeroes out.

Did I mention that I need to buy books as well for my classes?  While the library at DLSU is fairly decent, most of the time the class is forced to share a single reference book.  It’s annoying, so I’ve decided (and I think it’s a decision many of my classmates have made as well) to buy copies of my own… which means having to resort to online sources like Amazon or Ebay, as often you can’t find them here in the Philippines, even in specialized bookstores like Power Books.  While I have cut down on my Warhammer 40000-related spending, the price of the books plus their shipping will add another big dent on my savings account.

And that, in the long run, will not be a good thing.