Bloated For Two

February 16, 2012

It was raining this afternoon, and by the time I usually went out for my workout at the gym the rain had intensified, so I had to settle for a nap instead.  And while the rained had stopped by the time I woke up an hour and a half or so later, I still wasn’t able to drop by the gym either, as my tita and her husband dropped by for yet another afternoon visit.  This time around, they wanted to treat us to dinner at their hotel, and out of politeness as well as the fact that it was their treat.  Since my sister had work tonight, she wasn’t able to come along… which meant I pretty much had to make up for that absence.

So me and my father got dressed up, and headed over to the hotel, where the four of us proceeded to the restaurant at the rooftop.  Since it was pretty early in the evening it was relatively empty, and aside from us there were only two other tables occupied — one with two pairs of caucasians who looked like they’d just finished off several bottles of San Miguel beer already (and this was before I saw that the food they had apparently ordered arrived a few minutes after our group got there), another with a Westerner and what looked like his local beau.

After we ordered food (and my tita’s husband had to excuse himself for a bit to take his daily insulin shot) things turned a bit… awkward.  I swear, my father just can’t shut up sometimes.  It’s like he likes hearing the sound of his voice, and as his sister listened patiently to him ramble, I could just roll my eyes and shake my head whenever she looked my way.

When uncle came back, it wasn’t too long of a wait until the food we ordered arrived.  While it would be stretching it to say it was a spread (two large platters of bistek tagalog since there wasn’t any squid for calamares, a bowl of sinigang na baboy, and a platter of lechong kawali), the amount of rice ordered (garlic rice and chao fan enough for two people each, and two cups plain rice on the side) made sure that none of us would get away with not getting stuffed during the evening.  I was literally eating for two people this time, but I figured that it’s going to be a while before tita and her husband could come visit again, so I decided what the hey?  I’ll just have to make up for the surplus over the next few days by cutting down on my intake more than usual, as well as my session at the gym.

After we were done with the food (strangely enough only the two extra cups of plain rice remained), we thanked tita and went on our way.  There was going to be a despedida party for them tomorrow at one of our other relative’s place, but while we were again invited I had work tomorrow, and tatay could only promise that he could try to go (hah!).

After me and my father got home, I had to fight the urge to lie down and just sleep, I was so full.  Even now, I feel like someone dropped a lead weight into my innards.  Urgh. 


Why Bother Counting

July 24, 2011

Today is my cheat day, which means I won’t restrict my diet for a change. It also means that I won’t do some exercising as well, aside from the usual walk to and from church, to give my muscles a chance to recover.  It’s back to the usual tomorrow though, but I’m wondering if it won’t end up as a loss, considering that it’s my birthday the day after.  Have to spoil myself after all.

What?  Expecting me to say something else?  Hmm, well I’m at a loss for something to say for a change actually.  It’s just your normal Sunday, which means that for about two hours the calls were hectic, but after that the queue was light enough that there were several minutes in between calls.  Just how I like it.

My bank account is, as usual, close to dying, but that’ll be remedied by tomorrow, since it’s payday once again.  Deducting this month’s phone bill, and I should still have enough to last until the next payday, barring unforeseen purchases of course (which have dropped close to zero since I started working part-time).  Aside from that, I really need to cut down on my daily spending, but that’s difficult since I work smack drab in the financial district, and most of the time the closest place to get food is the convenience store at the ground floor of our office building.

Hmm. Two days off. What to do, what to do…  Kind of a shame how I couldn’t get three consecutive days off, but I guess I’m already lucky as it is.  Too bad this means I’ll have to come back to work at the height of the workweek, but that’s a given I suppose.

Eh, as usual with me, I’ll just have to see.