What I Wanted, And Then Some

So my last day off went more or less like I how I wanted it to be, which is to say relaxed and stress-free.  Okay, my sister did give me some lip for waking up relatively late again (ten-thirty) as well as not helping with the chores (because I did wake up late), but this … Continue reading What I Wanted, And Then Some

Hobby Deflections

So it was another slow Monday at work.  Well, not as slow as I'd have hoped, since despite the fact that we had a complete four-person attendance for the closing shift, we experienced odd spikes in the call queue.  Not only that, the avail times didn't really become as long as I used to remember … Continue reading Hobby Deflections

Partial To Completion

It's kind of unexpected how I actually woke early for once, and without help from my phone's alarm.  Around seven-thirty in fact, whereas my alarm for the weekend is nominally set for nine-thirty.  It was definitely a nice feeling, though I won't claim to actually being able to use those extra morning hours well -- … Continue reading Partial To Completion

Little Steps, Again

It's kind of embarrassing how I wasn't able to put in a journal entry last night. I intended to -- in fact, I even set my phone's alarm for nine-thirty in the evening just so I can wake up for it -- but I think my usual reaction to getting woken by an alarm kicked … Continue reading Little Steps, Again

Off Centered Week

For a Wednesday, it was oddly busy at the office.  Despite there being enough of us on duty to usually answer the calls coming in, we were experiencing odd spikes well into ten in the morning.  It wasn't bothersome -- in fact, the backed up calls were quickly taken care of -- but it was … Continue reading Off Centered Week

An Afternoon’s Worth of Pastels

So, last day off before it's back to work tomorrow.  I woke up late again as usual, though I do think I more than made up for it during the afternoon... and most of the evening.  What was I doing?  Well, working on the skyline of course, though I have to say it's turned out … Continue reading An Afternoon’s Worth of Pastels

Of Hedgerows and Skylines

It's funny how, despite not really planning to do so, I woke up pretty early today, even before my phone's alarm went off at its scheduled time.  I could have sworn that I heard my sister talking (about how I was supposed to have classes today), but regardless of the reason I was out of … Continue reading Of Hedgerows and Skylines