Can’t Be Taken Back

I didn't realize that I could still cry myself to sleep at my age, but apparently I still had it in me. Had a big fight with my sister, and about the laundry, of all things. And despite using a joking tone, I said something that really offended her. As a result, she says that … Continue reading Can’t Be Taken Back


Quite A Day It Was

It's been quite a day, and I'm not sure where to start, though I suppose logically my shift at work would be a good place to begin. Let's see... Apparently the Lowe's sale was still ongoing, which meant that despite it being a Monday, there was quite a bit of calls to go around.  Although … Continue reading Quite A Day It Was

Small Blessings And Celebrations

As far as week-enders at the office go, today's shift was kind of okay.  While there were some odd spikes in the call queue, it wasn't as frustrating or stressful as one might expect, though I did wish that the avail times were longer by the half-way mark of my shift... By the way, it's … Continue reading Small Blessings And Celebrations

Walking the Last Aisle

  If I were to describe the day today, it was anything but boring.  From the time we woke up very early in the morning (incidentally much earlier than the time I usually do for work), it's been a flurry of activity for the family gathered for this occasion.  From the moment the womenfolk put … Continue reading Walking the Last Aisle

One After The Other

It's a little worrying to think that, had some of my co-workers not come in for overtime this morning, I would have been left alone to fend for myself on the floor.  I understand that the cross-skill training period is supposed to last until the end of this week, but given the fact that we … Continue reading One After The Other

Another Planned Trip

I think as of last count, me and my sister have visited Singapore three or so times, with my sister having one visit more than I have. I have to say after all those visits, the fact that the city-state, located at the southern end of the Malaysian peninsula, was not really that budget-friendly got … Continue reading Another Planned Trip