In The Crunch, For The Wrong Reasons

I don't think I've ever had a seasonal event like this. Comes to show just how busy I've been, but I've finally been able to clear the Winter 2017 Kantai Collection event on Hard difficulty.  I'll post my screencaps of it later on, but it really was a close thing, with me being able to … Continue reading In The Crunch, For The Wrong Reasons


Chipping Away At That Weekend Blues

It's been pretty chill for a weekend, all things considered. My father dropped by for some reason, but without my sister's kid this time around, probably due to how he'd be too much of a handful to watch over if it rained on the way. Which it did, while I was on the way back … Continue reading Chipping Away At That Weekend Blues

Just Feeling A Bit Pleased

I have to say, the recent event in Kantai Collection was a bit of a mess.  What with the bugs brought on by the new game mechanic that was introduced in the event (Land-based Aircraft), and the utterly ridiculous last dance fleet compositions (including what amounts to an all-Princess lineup), it's caused more than its … Continue reading Just Feeling A Bit Pleased

Weekend Juggle

I was just tired enough last night that I figured, what the hey, I can live with skipping a  journal entry for an evening.  As for today, it started with laundry once again early in the morning, though this time around I also made sure to put out all the clothes to dry. I finished everything … Continue reading Weekend Juggle

Those Little Formalities Out Of The Way

Kantai Collection's drop RNG seems to have given me a bit of a break this morning, as I managed to get Okinami on my third run into E-2. This, coupled with the fact that I got Umikaze yesterday after an afternoon's worth of farming, meant that for me, the Winter 2016 in-game event was officially … Continue reading Those Little Formalities Out Of The Way

Always Trying To Cut Down (On Screw-Ups)

Last night's shift was somewhat better, but there was that one call where I could have actually done something about that just got escalated anywhere. We might listen to it later on for coaching, but this time around rather than giving out an inaccurate response, it might be that the guy just disliked how I … Continue reading Always Trying To Cut Down (On Screw-Ups)

Weekend Surprises

It was a very slow shift last night, but I suppose that's what you get in the wake of thanksgiving. Not that there weren't any calls coming in, but they were comparatively minimal, which meant long long periods of just sitting around doing nothing, and everyone on the floor trying to find something to busy themselves … Continue reading Weekend Surprises