Addendum: The Azure Blades and Warhammer 40k 8th/8.5 Edition

A quick post, about the rules that our Space Marine army, the Azure Blades, now use as of the recent update to the Space Marine codex. They use the following Successor Chapter traits, to reflect the Chapter's preferences: Long Ranged Marksmen: + 3" to all ranged weapons. Stealthy: Count as being in cover when at least … Continue reading Addendum: The Azure Blades and Warhammer 40k 8th/8.5 Edition

Finally Took That Plunge

So after several months of dithering, I finally decided to get the WordPress app for my phone. This should make it more convenient for me to keep my online journal updated, as I have no excuse now to not do so, as I could bring WordPress with me even at work. So what have I … Continue reading Finally Took That Plunge

Less Relaxing, By Far

Friday's shift was stressful as usual, that while I was able to go home mostly on time rather than putting in some unscheduled overtime, I still wanted to hit the sack once I got home. And that's what I did, mostly. There's still lunch, and getting changed, and humoring my father and my nephew, but … Continue reading Less Relaxing, By Far

Chipping Away At That Weekend Blues

It's been pretty chill for a weekend, all things considered. My father dropped by for some reason, but without my sister's kid this time around, probably due to how he'd be too much of a handful to watch over if it rained on the way. Which it did, while I was on the way back … Continue reading Chipping Away At That Weekend Blues

Those Usual Midweek Concerns

So with the birthday responsibilities out of the way, it's back to the usual activities over at work. We're coming close to the last few days of the training, then it's off to the floor for coach camp.  The fact that we had a little talk before we went home about our responsibilities once we … Continue reading Those Usual Midweek Concerns

Addled, And So Soon

So instead of being rested at the start of the week, I've found myself sleepless as an ill-advised adventure in trying to root my phone ended up killing it... So I spent most of the morning running over to Greenhills to have it checked, and maybe fixed. After what seemed to be forever getting passed around, … Continue reading Addled, And So Soon

Paid, And Nowhere To Go

I woke up really early yesterday, just so I could get the payroll ATM from the HR. It was an easy enough process once I got there: just presented my password (a valid government ID), and I was asked to fill out a BPI release form, after which I received my new debit card. And … Continue reading Paid, And Nowhere To Go