Exam Retake Countdown: Four

Went to school again for some quiet time reviewing.  Really still getting used to the fact that I have to climb an insane number of escalators (six floors worth!) to get to the entrance of the Library (now the Learning Commons)... Which is why I used the elevator this time to go up the first … Continue reading Exam Retake Countdown: Four


Tuesday And All Is Well So Far

I'm glad that today's shift at work wasn't frustrating or stressful, given my expectations for Tuesday.  Indeed, when I got there and logged in, our queue actually was on avail.  Granted, it wasn't a long avail time, but hey in my line of work you take what you can get.  And with the fact that … Continue reading Tuesday And All Is Well So Far

Making Up For Yesterday’s Failure

As frustrating as yesterday turned out to be (for not actually accomplishing anything of note with the time, that is), today was by comparison much better.  This, despite the fact that I actually had a bit of a false start today, as while I woke up early (eight thirty in fact), I took one look … Continue reading Making Up For Yesterday’s Failure

Waiting Weekend

Another day off during another weekend, and here I am scrambling on trying to find something to do with it.  Given the start of the new term, one would think I'd spend the day reading the big pile of books that's part of my review list...  Which I tried to do, but I barely got … Continue reading Waiting Weekend

Once Again, Stress, But With Feelings!

It's routine right now to expect that the Sunday shift would be in some way either stressful or frustrating, and today was no different.  I came to the office, only to find out that, without explanation, half of the morning team, myself included, were placed on the Walmart queue.  Apparently CS was swamped with calls, … Continue reading Once Again, Stress, But With Feelings!

Thoughts On Helplessness

So I started on Don Quixote today, and even from the introduction by Cervantes himself I can see why many academics consider the book as a distant "modern" (as in Modernist, and not contemporary or modern-day) novel.  The use of metafiction (the framing device of an author writing a story) is readily apparent, of course, … Continue reading Thoughts On Helplessness

Playing Hooky For Now

I didn't go to the gym this afternoon.  My left knee was bugging me for most of the day at the office, and I was afraid that if I did my usual routine something would just give out.  And so I spent the rest of the afternoon at home, taking my first afternoon siesta for … Continue reading Playing Hooky For Now