Library Sidetrips

I managed to keep my promise, after all.  While my father accompanied my sister and my baby nephew back to the DFA to finish with her passport renewal and the baby's passport application, I was off to the DLSU Library, known these days as the Learning Commons.  I found a nice and cozy spot in … Continue reading Library Sidetrips

Payday Panic

I think I actually forgot that it was payday today.  If not for the fact that one of my teammates was moaning about it, it would have slipped my mind entirely.  Great timing too, as the bills for the end of the month had started arriving, including the phone/internet bill that still isn't showing any … Continue reading Payday Panic

Book-Wrangling Walkabout

My plans were today were simple really: after work, after dropping by the house for a quick lunch (and a loan of a thousand pesos from my father), I'd head straight to the closest bookstores in the Makati area to look for any published screenplays they had available, pick two to buy, then head back … Continue reading Book-Wrangling Walkabout

In the Shadow of Giants

After a somewhat-restful afternoon siesta (somewhat, since I kept fading in and out of sleep), I was finally able to find time to flip open Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman's anthology of short stories. Although my initial intent was to mine it for something to use in my translation project for this term's class, the … Continue reading In the Shadow of Giants

Taking Samples

Another weekend, another personal Pixiv art project.  After scanning some pictures for my father, I was able to scan the little sketch I did this morning after we got back from Church (it was an important mass, as it was the last mass our trio of parish priests were to oversee before they were transferred … Continue reading Taking Samples


One of the assignments I'm expected to submit this week is a very short (at most, 3 pages) suspense story.  As I've never even tried writing anything related to suspense (or mystery for that matter), I feel a little anxious at the whole prospect. In either case, it's not something I could avoid though; since … Continue reading Suspenseful

Busy, Busy, Busy?

I've managed to start early for once, but I can't really say that I feel better than usual.  I guess waking up with a stiff neck can do that to a person, but at least I was able to have a walk and brief jog at the breakwater beside the Mall of Asia.  It's something … Continue reading Busy, Busy, Busy?