Not That Much Of A Surprise

It was really busy yesterday to say the least. A lot of calls, likely from customers wanting things to be done before the Holy Week hits its stride. It was a stroke of luck that I was scheduled forty-five minutes worth of training time yesterday, as I was able to use it to catch my … Continue reading Not That Much Of A Surprise


Critical Work Days

It's been quite a bit since I last made an entry, and let's just say that things were a lot more busier than usual. That, and those physical pains... Let's just say that I'm happy I'm not walking with a limp, on either of my feet. In any case it's a new week, and as … Continue reading Critical Work Days

Nope, Not A Lot Either

I hate to admit it, but it was yet another lethargic Saturday today. Not really much to share, and yet again, I pathetically spent most of the day in my room... I could barely keep awake during the day, really. And here I am, wide awake close to midnight again. Wonderful. Oh well, I have … Continue reading Nope, Not A Lot Either

A Grinding Lot Of Nothing

I wish I could share much about my day today, but honestly a good chunk of it was spent in bed. It was a strange feeling; there was definitely energy there, and I was actually able to get up to have lunch with the rest of my family, but afterward it was just difficult to … Continue reading A Grinding Lot Of Nothing

Little Points Of Embarrassment

I'll admit right now, that I did absolutely nothing of note during the day. I had planned to go to the wet market during the morning, but since I didn't get up early, one can see how that didn't exactly pan out. Then sometime earlier tonight, I received a text message from my sister that, rather … Continue reading Little Points Of Embarrassment

Good News, And Things That Make Me Go “Ick!”

I woke up early, but it turned out for naught, because the agency I went and visited at Cubao didn't have any good prospects to offer. On the other hand, while I was on the MRT on the way home, the rep from that Aussie company I applied at a week ago finally contacted me, and … Continue reading Good News, And Things That Make Me Go “Ick!”

I’ll Be Glad When It’s Done

It's hard to think about something to write about, when most of my free time's been taken up by, you guessed it, the Kantai Collection event. It's gotten to the point that I haven't been able to properly watch any anime, so one can see that I'll really be glad when it finally ends on the … Continue reading I’ll Be Glad When It’s Done