Sound Familiar?

October 2, 2011

So, it’s just a few days until my first year in the company I’m working in. For all the frustration and stress I’ve accumulated over the past few months, I mostly like the work I’m doing (ignoring the fact that my company’s services tend to cause a lot of frustration for other people, but I digress). It’s routine, which means it can be even boring at times. Said routine causes me to become lax in my behavior, making me fool around and push the boundaries of what can be considered goofing off, and what could be considered serious offenses if I’m caught…

And guess what happened?

So now I’m supposed to attend an executive hearing, with my employment on the line. The thing is though, I’m not sure there’s any other way to escape this aside from coming clean, which means I could get the pink slip if the bosses are feeling particularly nasty. Ugh. So much for having a good thing. Damnit.

The advise of my coach and supervisor is to basically… not make excuses, play up my relatively good attendance record (as of this writing, I think I’ve only had three absences for the whole year), and generally ask for another shot at, I don’t know, not screwing up again. Even if it means receiving a temporary suspension. Time to work on my groveling skills.

Gods, and it’s so close to Christmas too. I can’t afford to be jobless now.


Most Unexpected

March 8, 2011

Minor addendum about my cross-training: it’s not for one week, but two.  That makes things a little more complicated than I’d like, as it’ll mean that I’ll feel like the living dead for the duration.  That means that I’ll be even less coherent than usual (if that’s even possible) when I get to write my review for my classmates’ stories this week.  That doesn’t help my case any, really.  Mmph, I guess I’ll also have to find a way to squeeze a visit to school as well.

On a personal note, my father and I got into a minor argument with regards to my credit card bill.  I asked him to help me out while he was here, and he begrudgingly agreed, but I was given the most thorough verbal scrubbing I’ve received in recent memory.

I can’t blame him though, as nine thousand pesos is a huge thing for the family, especially since nanay is coming home from the US soon, but it’s not like I don’t pay my credit card bills.  I do, but it takes a while, especially now with my part-time salary.  Also, I’m already well aware of the dangers of letting the credit interest accumulate (I have been a credit card user for a while), but to speak down to me like I’m sort of a teenager… Ah well, it’s just the usual.  As with all things concerning my father, I just won’t comment.

Hmm, I’ll have to call both WWF and Unicef to cancel my monthly donations for a while though.  I’ll see to that this week.

As for my hobbies… Ah, now I remember why I’ve avoided complex composition in my sketches for a long time.  Making it work without having it seem cluttered is one thing, having it transition properly unto a digital medium is another thing entirely.  This one will definitely take a while, and this time around, with my schedule shift, it might really be completed only after the end of Madoka Magica.