Special Days

April 14, 2012


And that’s that, after nearly three weeks of agonizing on it, I was able to submit the rewrite to my screenplay without much incident.  Well, there is the fact that I seemed to have gained back three pounds in the process, but at least I can close the chapter of that particular instance in my life, and look forward to regular gym visits again. Sheesh.

Oh, and if anyone’s wondering, the rewrite of the screenplay?  That’s going to suffer the same fate as the original: to be hidden away from prying eyes forever.  There’s a reason why initial drafts and rewrites are burned, y’know.

Aside from that, today’s been pretty good.  For the first time in a while, I was able to get a proper afternoon nap.  It was just as well, as I was this close to keeling over.  There’s only so much energy drinks can do when one’s been taking one-to-two hour catnaps in between writing attempts.

So, what’s up next?  Obviously work is out of the cards… It’s a special day for my sister tomorrow, after all, what it being her wedding.  It’s kind of funny — I’ve been used to it just being the four of us here at home that the sudden arrival of all our relatives (from our mother’s side) was a surprising and welcome experience again.  Let’s see, both grandpa and grandma, Tito Jerry and Tita Perla (with our very pregnant cousin Jerrypearl in tow, as well as our nephew from her older brother), Tito Larry and Tita Suzette (with adopted son Vincent), Tita Janice (with son Ivan), Tito Homer and his wife, and Tito Junel and his wife (with their daughter, who doesn’t remember me at all despite the two weeks we spent at their house in California).  Given the lack of space here at home, they’re all staying at a hotel obviously, but they did eat lunch and dinner here yesterday.

There was obviously the usual catching up that happens whenever family who haven’t seen each other in a long time come together, but it’s been a little overwhelming to say the least.  So I discretely did my best to keep out of everyone’s way.  Honestly it’s likely that they didn’t even notice my absence, but then again I think they’re already used to my social reticence.  Now if only they’d get off my back about being single…

Anyway it’s going to be an early day for everyone tomorrow.  For the female part of the contingent (me included), we’ll be rendezvousing at the hotel close to the venue of the wedding to get prepared for the pictorials as well as the wedding proper.  Truth be told, I’m still not too confident about getting into that dress my sister picked out for me.  Even after all that exercise I’ve been doing for three months, I can barely squeeze into it.  Maybe I’ll just have to skip breakfast and try not to breathe out too hard, eh?

Oh, and I’m not a bridesmaid, thankfully.  As the older sibling, I’m going to be the reader for the mass.  While it does mean I’ll be in front of everyone for the duration, at least I’m not included in the march, ahaha.

Should be fun.  There are even a few faces that are going to attend that I haven’t seen for a while — like Ate Grace.  Seriously, just where has she been all this time?  If not for the fact that she’s proxying as a godmother for her mom, we’d have no idea where she was.

Ah, enough rambling.  It’s my sister’s special day, so all I can do is be happy for her… Even though she’s not really going anywhere after this, and will only probably move out later this year.