Not That Much Of A Surprise

April 12, 2017

It was really busy yesterday to say the least. A lot of calls, likely from customers wanting things to be done before the Holy Week hits its stride. It was a stroke of luck that I was scheduled forty-five minutes worth of training time yesterday, as I was able to use it to catch my breath. It also segued into my last break too.

Didn’t go home early yesterday. I had to swing around to Quezon City and drop by an acquaintance at the Heart Center. After catching up on old times I finally got home during the late afternoon. Let’s just say that neither my sister nor my dad were thrilled about that slight detour.


Restless Start Of The Week

March 21, 2017

Rather than avoid the issue again like I’ve been doing so for so long, I went out today to have myself checked at the OB-Gyne at San Juan de Dios today, rather than spending the morning readjusting to a nocturnal schedule. My cycle’s erratic at the best of times, but over the last two months it’s been… Worrisome.

In any case this meant a consultation followed by an ultrasound… The latter found surprisingly little, much to my relief. Still, I was told to not let the stress at work get me, as it was definitely affecting things. You don’t say, Doc?

That Feeling Of Freedom

March 7, 2017

As of today I’ve finally paid off my credit card debt. It’s like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders… Pity that I had to draw from my mutual investment to get rid of it, but really I’m just happy to see it gone. It just cast such a big shadow over my finances, that everything I did had to take it into consideration…

Kind of like the national debt, actually.

Now I’ll have to watch myself so it won’t turn into such a monster ever again. Which likely means locking my credit card in a place I’d likely not see it anytime soon.

As for what I’m going to do now that I don’t have to worry about such a huge financial burden hanging over my head? I guess getting back into investing, doubly so because I had to take out stuff from my mutual fund. Maybe open up an Equity and Bond fund? Anything is possible now.

In The Crunch, For The Wrong Reasons

February 28, 2017

I don’t think I’ve ever had a seasonal event like this. Comes to show just how busy I’ve been, but I’ve finally been able to clear the Winter 2017 Kantai Collection event on Hard difficulty. 

I’ll post my screencaps of it later on, but it really was a close thing, with me being able to deal the final blow to the boss at around ten-thirty in the evening yesterday. Sheesh. Too bad about Hitomi/I-13, but at least I got Iyo/I-14 as well as another Hard medal.

That aside, things have been rather blase over the weekend, if only because I was put on forced bed rest after I strained my back during the week. Really starting to feel my age, I guess.

Not As Chilly Anymore

February 21, 2017

It wasn’t as cool when I woke up this morning, at least when compared to the previous weeks. The bathwater was still somewhat chilly of course, but it wasn’t like ice water anymore. I guess that means that Summer is definitely on its way.

Monday’s Japanese class was a bit embarrassing. While my instructor praised my listening comprehension, being able to carry a regular conversation in Japanese, utilizing what was introduced in that day’s lesson… Wasn’t quite as successful. I struggled at composing sentences to link using から, or at the very least ones that made sense. Ugh.

Anyway, it’s a new week, so I’m hoping to start things right at work. Though I’m still going to contest the low workflow usage numbers I got over the past week.

P.S. Already on the second phase of the Winter 2017 Kancolle event. It’s easy enough that I could have cleared it yesterday, but I’m trying to see if I can get Fujinami before moving on to the boss.

Another Turn

January 16, 2017

I really have to get adjusted to a writing schedule that more or less boil downs to “write when the time allows, rather than a set schedule.” Right. I wish it were so easy.

As it is, I’m only able to jot an entry now because it’s Monday, and my body’s still trying to readjust itself for the sleep schedule I’ll need to see me through the rest of the week. And even that is questionable given I’m not going to be able to get as much sleep as I should, due to my Japanese class later on.

Speaking of the Japanese class, I guess I’m stuck as being Nobu-sensei’s only student. I guess I’ll have to go on and pass the class, or else all that money’ll be wasted, yes? No pressure, huh.

And given how we were locked out of a classroom last Monday, yeah, I’m thinking that at the bare minimum we’ll have to plow through Chapters 5 and 6 tonight. Buh. Hope that what little review I managed to get in will see me through.

Otherwise, hmm, it looks like there might be a bit of rain today. I mean, it’s noontime, but it looks positively dark. Note to self: bring an umbrella.

Event Clearance, And Finally Something New

December 5, 2016

So yeah, I pretty much spent the entire weekend trying to force-finish my way through the Kantai Collection Fall 2016 event. It’s certainly been… an experience, for sure.

Can’t really say much about it right now, so I’ll just have to do an image-dump on it.





Without the parasol this time, eh?

Without the parasol this time, eh?

Man, these TP gauges.

Man, these TP gauges.

kantai-fall-2016-e-2-spreadsheet kantai-fall-2016-e-2-fleet



kantai-fall-2016-e-3-abyssal-combined-fleet kantai-fall-2016-e-3-clear

kantai-fall-2016-e-3-unlock kantai-fall-2016-e-3-spreadsheet
kantai-fall-2016-e-3h-clear kantai-fall-2016-e-3h-commandante-teste-get




kantai-fall-2016-e-4h-area-clear kantai-fall-2016-e-4h-chipping-fleet kantai-fall-2016-e-4h-clear






kantai-fall-2016-e-5h-swag-medal kantai-fall-2016-event-clear
kantai-fall-2016-resource-chart-2 kantai-fall-2016-resource-chart

Oh, and our Japanese language class is back on track, and we have finally another schedule today. About time.