Transitions And Last Song Syndrome

It's hard to describe my current life right now, except possibly tiring. To say that the changes the baby has wrought to my life were profound is simply putting it mildly. Though the most relevant one in my case was what was done to my sleep schedule. On one hand, spending time with Shana is … Continue reading Transitions And Last Song Syndrome


Down To The Dregs

It's been a while since I've been this thankful for payday. It means that I'll be having money again, providing of course that payroll comes through... Just having about three hundred pesos in the bank, and with no way to withdraw it, isn't nice at all. You bet that I'll hide most of it away … Continue reading Down To The Dregs

Pain In The You-Know-Where

For those curious about what I was up to during the past few days, I've been stuck at home on bedrest. Why? Well the lower back pain I've experienced some two years ago came back, and with a vengeance.  I got rushed to the hospital from work, and had to spend most of the day … Continue reading Pain In The You-Know-Where

Cutting It Close

Despite myself, I woke up rather later rhis morning. It's my fault, really; I took way more time than I should on that online module (which was about the types of negotiation), but on the bright side I only have one more left to complete to be eligible for the bootcamp. That said, this led … Continue reading Cutting It Close

February Morning Shuffle

Y'know, I prepared a big thermos' worth of hot water this afternoon, just to be able to bath this morning. It still almost wasn't enough; even after pouring it into the pail of water sitting in the bath room, the most that it could do was make it slightly lukewarm instead of ice-cold. Oh well, … Continue reading February Morning Shuffle

Half In Half Out

So it was payday yesterday, though I wasn't really feeling my salary. This was because I immediately felt the specter of my holiday-season bloated credit card bill at the back of my mind.  So the moment it hit my savings, I divided the total amount of money I had in two, and allocated a half … Continue reading Half In Half Out

A Look Back At All Of It

The last day of the year was a lot busier than expected. We were told that there wouldn't be too many callers today, and yet it felt like any other work day. Heck by comparison, I had fewer calls yesterday. I guess a lot of people wanted to get things done before the New Year. I … Continue reading A Look Back At All Of It